Business Desk: SCHL v HMHC

An Analysis of the Business of Scholastic vs. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

By Ben Rickmond

Today, we are going to compare two of the biggest learning publishing companies.

Company Scholastic HMH
ANNUAL REVENUE (2018) $1,628,400,000 $1,322,417,000
CEO Richard Robinson John J. (Jack) Lynch Jr.
Founder(s) Maurice R. Robinson Henry Oscar Houghton, George Mifflin
TOTAL EMPLOYEES 9,700 (2014) 4,000
STOCK PRICE 39.88 USD 0.00 (0.00%)

Apr 30, 4:00 PM EDT

7.13 USD 0.00 (0.00%)

Apr 30, 4:00 PM EDT

FUN FACT Did you know that Scholastic is in 90 percent of U.S. schools. Did you know that Houghton Mifflin Harcourt publishes our math program Math in Focus?

I am not surprised that Scholastic won by revenue.  They have all sorts of ways to make money.







Fourth Grade Visits Eastern U’s Planetarium

By Connor Walsh

Pluto, planet or dwarf planet? Pluto became a dwarf planet in 2006.

Wayne Elementary’ s 4th grade classes went to Eastern University’s Planetarium to learn more about planets and stars in our cosmic neighborhood.

When we arrived at the Julia Fowler Planetarium, we sat down against cardboard walls and watched the show. When the presentation began, the dome room became dark. Dr. Bradstreet taught us cool constellations and facts about our solar system. Some of the cool facts were Saturn’s rings are made of dust and Jupiter’s has really bad storms. While we were learning the facts, it felt like we were in a spaceship going from planet to planet. When we were on Mars, we watched its two moons zoom by.

After the planetarium, we went to the twin telescopes and they were gigantic. We had to go up on a platform that was really tight, but when we got up there, it was worth it. It was worth it because Dr. Bradstreet opened up the sky dome. After the presentation, we got on the bus and for the rest of the day, the class was talking about the planetarium.


Cover - Volume 2

For more information, check out   Dr. Bradstreet also created a curriculum book for teachers of astronomy who have the same planetarium system.   Cool stuff thanks WES 4th grade teachers!

Hewlett-Packard VS. International Business Machines

                               It happens that Hp and IBM are both acronyms. If you didn’t know, Ibm is one of the first computer hardware company. Hp makes computers and printers.

Company HP IBM
ANNUAL REVENUE (2018) $58,472,000,000 $79,591,000,000
CEO Dion Weisler Ginni Rometty
Founder David Packard, Bill Hewlett Charles Ranlett Flint
TOTAL EMPLOYEES 55,000 366,600
STOCK PRICE 19.99 USD −0.010 (0.050%) Closed: Mar 20, 4:11 PM EDT   IBM (NYSE) $139.60 -0.89 (-0.63%)
Mar 20, 4:01 PM EDT
FUN FACT The Company Name Was Decided on A Coin Toss (Click here for more info.)   IBM helped land Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the moon after the development their System/360 mainframe which allowed for new levels of compatibility.  
Bonus!! Section Stock Competitors: Apple Inc.Cray IncDell Technologies Inc.Fitbit, Inc.Hewlett Packard Enterprise CompanyHP IncHuami CorporationInternational Business Machines CorporationNICE Ltd Omnicell, Inc.One Stop Systems, Inc.Socket Mobile, Inc Apple Inc.Cray IncDell Technologies Inc.Fitbit, Inc.Hewlett Packard Enterprise CompanyHP Inc.Huami CorporationNICE LtdOmnicell, Inc.One Stop Systems, Inc.Socket Mobile, Inc.


I was not surprised that HP won. IBM is kind of old. Because it was created over a century ago.

 Next Game: Twitter VS Facebook

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Business Desk: Spotify VS Pandora!

By: Ben Rickmond 

Today we are comparing some of the best online music companies ever. 

Company Spotify  Pandora 
ANNUAL REVENUE  $6,012,000,000 (2018) 1,466,812 (2017) 
CEO Daniel Ek Roger J. Lynch 
Founder(s) Daniel Ek, Martin Lorentzon Jon Kraft; Tim Westergren 
TOTAL EMPLOYEES 4,165+ 2,200+ 
HEADQUARTERS Luxembourg City; (legal domicile); Stockholm, Sweden; (administrative headquarters) Oakland, California, U.S 
STOCK PRICE 142.55+2.49 (+1.78%) At close: April 2 4:02PM EDT 
FUN FACT Users spend an average of 17 hours listening to music on Spotify/  Sirus XM recently bought pandora for 3.5 billion with their stock 
BONUS!!!  Competitors  Beasley Broadcast Group, Inc. CBS Corporation Central European Media Enterprises Ltd. Cumulus Media Inc. E.W. Scripps Company (The) Emmis Communications Corporation Entercom Communications Corp. Entravision Communications Corporation Fox Corporation Gray Television, Inc. Grupo Televisa S.A. Liberty Media Corporation Running out of room! View all competitors at this web site: Spotify Apple Music Amazon Music Google Play Tidal iheart media SoundCloud Sirius XM   

Also, I did a survey with my class and the tally was

Spotify : 16

Pandora: 3

Next Game: CBS VS NBC 









Gaming Scene: Sea of Thieves

By Luca Strid

Ever wanted to be a pirate? Well today is the day! It’s on Xbox and PC.

What can you do in this game? You can sell chests and defeat skeletons. You have a ship and you can set sail with your friends. You and your friends can try to become pirate legends!

And the one-year anniversary content is coming up! So, grab your controller and get started. Also, you can get weapon skins for your eye of reach, sailors blunderbuss and sailors pistol.  There are skeletons forts where you can kill skeletons and to get the key to the vault you must defeat the skeleton captain.

You can buy outfits and you can buy paint for your ship. There are kraken and megalodon. You can also shoot people out of cannons.

Thanks for taking your time to read this!

A Cupcake Throwdown by Lilah Kenny

Which one would you eat?   Plus, their recipes

By Lilah Kenny

Hey guys, are you ready for some CUPCAKES!!!!!

So, how this works you decide which one you would like better. I asked four people for their opinions and which one would win!  At the end I will put the Food Network link so you can make some yummy cupcakes!!

People I interviewed:

  1. Pilar Strid 6th Grade at Radnor Middle School
  2. Luca Strid 4th Grade in Mrs. Trolleys Class
  3. Jack Kenny 2nd Grade in Mrs. Sheilds Class
  4. My Dad

Would You Rather Have Root Beer Float Cupcakes or Sprouting-Carrot Chocolate Cupcakes?

Or Sprouting Carrot Cupcake Root Beer Float Cupcake

Pilar thought that she liked the carrot one better because it looked prettier and nicer.

Jack couldn’t decide at first, but he loves root beer floats, so he went with that one and the carrot maybe.

Luca went with Carrot because it looked and seemed tastier than the Root Beer Float Cupcakes.

My Dad said Root Beer Float of course and that he could use one right about now.


I asked my mom to do the tie breaker and she said she was thinking of doing root beer float but decided that the carrot one was cute and didn’t need icing!


Would You Rather Kid Champagne Vanilla Cupcake or Mickey and Minnie Cupcakes?


Pilar said Mickey and Minnie because they are super cool and cute.

Luca said Champagne BIG TIME because who doesn’t want a kid champagne cupcake

Jack said Champagne because it’s awesome.

My dad said Minnie and Mickey because he really didn’t like kid champagne

For the tie breaker my mom said Mickey and Minnie! So, Mickey and Minnie Wins!

Would You Rather Carrot Cake with swirled Frosting or Spice Cupcakes with Sugar Cranberries?


Pilar said Cranberries because they look tastier and pretty.

Jack said Cranberries just because…?

Luca said Cranberries are the best.

My Dad said Carrot Cake because he loves Carrot cake.

There is no need for a tie breaker…


Would You Rather Chocolate-Strawberry Cupcakes or Apple Pie Cupcakes?


Pilar said Apple Pie because apple pie in a cupcake must be yummy!

Jack said Chocolate Strawberry because who doesn’t like Chocolate Strawberries.

Luca Said Chocolate Strawberry as well.

And My Dad said Apple pie

My mom for the tie breaker Said…………………….I Can’t Decide???

THAT MEANS……………..IT’S A TIE!!!!!!!!!!!

What is your favorite Cupcake???????!!!!!!!

Recipe Links:

Sprouting Carrot Chocolate Cupcakes:

Root Beer Float Cupcakes:

Go to this website and #31 will be root beer float cupcakes!

Kid Champagne Cupcakes:

Just remember to use kid champagne

Mickey and Minnie Cupcakes:

Carrot Cake with Swirled Frosting:

Go on this website and on #39 is this recipe

Spice Cupcakes with Sugar Cranberries: cupcakes-with-sugared-cranberries-3589747

Chocolate Strawberry Cupcakes:

Apple Pie Cupcakes:

Thanks for Reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😁😎😍

Fortnite: What You Need to Know

By Zeke Williams

Fortnite is still very popular with kids of all ages.

But which is the better device to play on – mobile or console?

Mobile gets a lot of hate.  WHY?  There are some people that ball out on mobile. The smaller screen is the obvious impediment.

The console holds appeal for its larger size, but it restricts you to playing in one spot, which might be in your family room or on a TV you share with siblings or your parents. So you don’t have the freedom to play anytime, anywhere.

Did you know that there are family friendly streamers such as Nick Eh 30 and Ninja?  These are non-cussing streamers.  They make more revenue because they don’t get demonetized.  If you were a streamer, would you be family friendly?

Some people don’t like Fortnite.  For kids, for kids they just follow along with whatever their friends say.  So, say if someone doesn’t like Fortnite, suddenly their friends don’t like it either.

But with parents it’s the violence of guns and stuff. There isn’t any blood but some parents take it more seriously than others.

If you were a parent, would you let your kids play Fortnite or video games in general?

WES Sports: Girls Recess Basketball

By Will Clark

Hi.  I am Will Clark and I am referee for girls basketball.

Sometimes it is fun. I like the way that they pass and don’t hog the ball like the boys do.

So, I interviewed two girls that played, their names were Harper and Jane.

I asked them a few questions about how much they average a game.

“A solid two points,” said Harper.

“Four points,” said Jane.

I also asked them some other questions.

And to wrap it all up, I asked them who their favorite NBA or college basketball player is.

“Stephen Curry,” said Jane.

“Joel Embiid,” said Harper.


The teams are normally 4 vs 4.  There are more players every day and half don’t even play on teams out of school.

I have enjoyed being referee for girls’ recess basketball and I will continue because it is fun to watch.

Business Desk: Twitter vs. Facebook

By Ben Rickmond


Today we are comparing the biggest social media companies ever!




ANNUAL REVENUE (2018) $3,042,359,000 $55,838,000,000
CEO Jack Dorsey Mark Zuckerberg
Founder(s) Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, Evan Williams Mark Zuckerberg, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin, Chris Hughes
TOTAL EMPLOYEES 3,920 23,165 (2017)
HEADQUARTERS San Francisco, CA Menlo Park, CA
STOCK PRICE TWTR (NYSE) $32.59 +0.01 (+0.03%)
Mar 25, 4:01 PM EDT
FB (NASDAQ) $166.29 0.00 (0.00%)
Mar 25, 4:00 PM EDT
FUN FAC It only took 3 years, 2 months and 1 day to get to the billionth tweet. WOW! Facebook had 2.27 billion (monthly) active users around the world, as of September 30, 2018! WOW!

I’m not surprised that Facebook won. I think Twitter is better.

Next Game: Spotify vs. Pandora.










WES Reads for the Ronald McDonald House

By Ben Rickmond

Hello!  Mrs.Dahlstrom asked me to write an article about the “Read for the House” campaign at WES.  Read for the House is a fundraiser for the Philly Ronald McDonald house (

We had 37 students participate this year.

Our top fundraisers this year are:

1) Michael Polizzi (2K)

2) Tommy Polizzi (1E)

3) Zeke Williams (4T)

Also, our top readers are:

1) Mia Lista (4B)

2) Ava Preate (4T)

3) Ben Rickmond (4B) (me)

The total minutes we read were 19,777 minutes.

WES raised $13,344.88.

WOW we did that with only 37 students.

Please participate next year!read.jpg

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