Gaming Scene: Sea of Thieves

By Luca Strid

Ever wanted to be a pirate? Well today is the day! It’s on Xbox and PC.

What can you do in this game? You can sell chests and defeat skeletons. You have a ship and you can set sail with your friends. You and your friends can try to become pirate legends!

And the one-year anniversary content is coming up! So, grab your controller and get started. Also, you can get weapon skins for your eye of reach, sailors blunderbuss and sailors pistol.  There are skeletons forts where you can kill skeletons and to get the key to the vault you must defeat the skeleton captain.

You can buy outfits and you can buy paint for your ship. There are kraken and megalodon. You can also shoot people out of cannons.

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A Cupcake Throwdown by Lilah Kenny

Which one would you eat?   Plus, their recipes

By Lilah Kenny

Hey guys, are you ready for some CUPCAKES!!!!!

So, how this works you decide which one you would like better. I asked four people for their opinions and which one would win!  At the end I will put the Food Network link so you can make some yummy cupcakes!!

People I interviewed:

  1. Pilar Strid 6th Grade at Radnor Middle School
  2. Luca Strid 4th Grade in Mrs. Trolleys Class
  3. Jack Kenny 2nd Grade in Mrs. Sheilds Class
  4. My Dad

Would You Rather Have Root Beer Float Cupcakes or Sprouting-Carrot Chocolate Cupcakes?

Or Sprouting Carrot Cupcake Root Beer Float Cupcake

Pilar thought that she liked the carrot one better because it looked prettier and nicer.

Jack couldn’t decide at first, but he loves root beer floats, so he went with that one and the carrot maybe.

Luca went with Carrot because it looked and seemed tastier than the Root Beer Float Cupcakes.

My Dad said Root Beer Float of course and that he could use one right about now.


I asked my mom to do the tie breaker and she said she was thinking of doing root beer float but decided that the carrot one was cute and didn’t need icing!


Would You Rather Kid Champagne Vanilla Cupcake or Mickey and Minnie Cupcakes?


Pilar said Mickey and Minnie because they are super cool and cute.

Luca said Champagne BIG TIME because who doesn’t want a kid champagne cupcake

Jack said Champagne because it’s awesome.

My dad said Minnie and Mickey because he really didn’t like kid champagne

For the tie breaker my mom said Mickey and Minnie! So, Mickey and Minnie Wins!

Would You Rather Carrot Cake with swirled Frosting or Spice Cupcakes with Sugar Cranberries?


Pilar said Cranberries because they look tastier and pretty.

Jack said Cranberries just because…?

Luca said Cranberries are the best.

My Dad said Carrot Cake because he loves Carrot cake.

There is no need for a tie breaker…


Would You Rather Chocolate-Strawberry Cupcakes or Apple Pie Cupcakes?


Pilar said Apple Pie because apple pie in a cupcake must be yummy!

Jack said Chocolate Strawberry because who doesn’t like Chocolate Strawberries.

Luca Said Chocolate Strawberry as well.

And My Dad said Apple pie

My mom for the tie breaker Said…………………….I Can’t Decide???

THAT MEANS……………..IT’S A TIE!!!!!!!!!!!

What is your favorite Cupcake???????!!!!!!!

Recipe Links:

Sprouting Carrot Chocolate Cupcakes:

Root Beer Float Cupcakes:

Go to this website and #31 will be root beer float cupcakes!

Kid Champagne Cupcakes:

Just remember to use kid champagne

Mickey and Minnie Cupcakes:

Carrot Cake with Swirled Frosting:

Go on this website and on #39 is this recipe

Spice Cupcakes with Sugar Cranberries: cupcakes-with-sugared-cranberries-3589747

Chocolate Strawberry Cupcakes:

Apple Pie Cupcakes:

Thanks for Reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😁😎😍

Fortnite: What You Need to Know

By Zeke Williams

Fortnite is still very popular with kids of all ages.

But which is the better device to play on – mobile or console?

Mobile gets a lot of hate.  WHY?  There are some people that ball out on mobile. The smaller screen is the obvious impediment.

The console holds appeal for its larger size, but it restricts you to playing in one spot, which might be in your family room or on a TV you share with siblings or your parents. So you don’t have the freedom to play anytime, anywhere.

Did you know that there are family friendly streamers such as Nick Eh 30 and Ninja?  These are non-cussing streamers.  They make more revenue because they don’t get demonetized.  If you were a streamer, would you be family friendly?

Some people don’t like Fortnite.  For kids, for kids they just follow along with whatever their friends say.  So, say if someone doesn’t like Fortnite, suddenly their friends don’t like it either.

But with parents it’s the violence of guns and stuff. There isn’t any blood but some parents take it more seriously than others.

If you were a parent, would you let your kids play Fortnite or video games in general?

WES Sports: Girls Recess Basketball

By Will Clark

Hi.  I am Will Clark and I am referee for girls basketball.

Sometimes it is fun. I like the way that they pass and don’t hog the ball like the boys do.

So, I interviewed two girls that played, their names were Harper and Jane.

I asked them a few questions about how much they average a game.

“A solid two points,” said Harper.

“Four points,” said Jane.

I also asked them some other questions.

And to wrap it all up, I asked them who their favorite NBA or college basketball player is.

“Stephen Curry,” said Jane.

“Joel Embiid,” said Harper.


The teams are normally 4 vs 4.  There are more players every day and half don’t even play on teams out of school.

I have enjoyed being referee for girls’ recess basketball and I will continue because it is fun to watch.

Business Desk: Twitter vs. Facebook

By Ben Rickmond


Today we are comparing the biggest social media companies ever!




ANNUAL REVENUE (2018) $3,042,359,000 $55,838,000,000
CEO Jack Dorsey Mark Zuckerberg
Founder(s) Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, Evan Williams Mark Zuckerberg, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin, Chris Hughes
TOTAL EMPLOYEES 3,920 23,165 (2017)
HEADQUARTERS San Francisco, CA Menlo Park, CA
STOCK PRICE TWTR (NYSE) $32.59 +0.01 (+0.03%)
Mar 25, 4:01 PM EDT
FB (NASDAQ) $166.29 0.00 (0.00%)
Mar 25, 4:00 PM EDT
FUN FAC It only took 3 years, 2 months and 1 day to get to the billionth tweet. WOW! Facebook had 2.27 billion (monthly) active users around the world, as of September 30, 2018! WOW!

I’m not surprised that Facebook won. I think Twitter is better.

Next Game: Spotify vs. Pandora.










WES Reads for the Ronald McDonald House

By Ben Rickmond

Hello!  Mrs.Dahlstrom asked me to write an article about the “Read for the House” campaign at WES.  Read for the House is a fundraiser for the Philly Ronald McDonald house (

We had 37 students participate this year.

Our top fundraisers this year are:

1) Michael Polizzi (2K)

2) Tommy Polizzi (1E)

3) Zeke Williams (4T)

Also, our top readers are:

1) Mia Lista (4B)

2) Ava Preate (4T)

3) Ben Rickmond (4B) (me)

The total minutes we read were 19,777 minutes.

WES raised $13,344.88.

WOW we did that with only 37 students.

Please participate next year!read.jpg

March Madness Turns to the Final Four

By Aiden Swindells

If you did not know, March Madness has been going on.

Most people fill out brackets to guess all the teams that will win.

The March Madness “Sweet 16” games were on, which means 16 teams left in the tournament.

Here is where the whole bracket is today, April 4.



“Go Duke.  And not Michigan State!” said Greg Swindells, my dad.

Update: WES Reading Olympics Returns Victorious

By Mackenzie Rose

The WES Reading Olympic teams competed at Northley Middle School in Aston, PA.  Team Tropical Blue did a great job.  The Maroon team came in 2nd place with 1 win, 1 loss, and 1 tie. My team, Cardinal Red, came in 1st place with 3 wins, 0 losses, and 0 ties.

There were 3 rounds and every time the announcements came on to announce the news for the Olympics, the announcer said a joke. For example, she said, “Where do books go when they are scared?……… Under their covers!”

The Olympics were AMAZING and I will never forget them. The only bad thing was that I didn’t get home until 8:37.  Even though it ended at 8:00, it was a great experience and I wish GOOD LUCK to any future Olympians.

Editor’s Note:  When you are in fifth grade, watch for the notice to join Reading Olympics.  The club meets and has a lot of fun.bfg




Movie Review: West Side Story, a Classic!

By Danby G. Morrison

A lot of people I know haven’t really watched any old movies, they’ve been watching modern movies, like the new movie based on the ’70’s band Queen, called Bohemian Rhapsody.

But not a lot of people remember movies from the early ’60’s, like one of the most classic of all time: West Side Story. West Side Story is a classic movie based on Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. 

The movie is about two rival groups, the Jets and the Sharks.  The Jets are a huge street gang of Americans who have taken down every one of their rivals, and are eager to take down the Puerto Ricans that are the Sharks.  The Sharks are a new gang of foreign kids who just moved to America, and they are determined to survive against the Jets big crowd. The town officers want the groups to get along, especially Officer Krupke.

Officer Krupke really wants them to get along, I think because he doesn’t want the police station to find out about the rival groups.

So, there’s a huge dance, and all teens from both of the street gangs are welcome!  The people hosting want the girls and the boys to dance together from different groups and be friends for the whole night. But the kids just want to stick to their own kind. As all the couples are dancing, everything in the movie slows down, it gets darker (special effects) and Maria, a beautiful girl from the Sharks, stands all the way on the other side of the room, opposite from one of the most popular Jets, Tony.

The lights go down low, every other person starts dancing, and Maria and Tony slowly come together. They dance together, and right as the moment is about to happen, Maria’s brother Bernardo stops them and pull’s Maria away, shouting, “Stay away from my sister!”  Bernardo yells at Tony. “Goodbye, Maria”, Tony said.  It was sad for them to leave each other.


  1. Prologue, (Johnny Green)
  2. Jet Song (Russ Tamblyn, Tucker Smith, and others)
  3. Something’s Coming (Jimmy Bryant)
  4. Dance at the Gym (Johnny Green)
  5. Maria (Jimmy Green)
  6. America (Rita Moreno, George Chakiris, and others)
  7. Tonight (Marni Nixon, Jimmy Bryant)
  8. Gee Officer Krupke (Russ Tamblyn, David Winters, and others)
  9. I Feel Pretty (Marni Nixon, Yvonne Wilder, and others)
  10. One Hand, One Heart (Marni Nixon, Jimmy Bryant)
  11. Quintet (Rita Moreno GeorgeChakiris, and others)
  12. The Rumble (Johnny Green)
  13. Cool (Tucker Smith)
  14. A Boy Like That/ I Have a Love (Marni Nixon, Betty Wand)
  1. Somewhere (Marni Nixon, Jimmy Bryant)westsidestory

WES Cub Scout Pack 284

By Julia Silverman, Webelo

Cub Scouts is a group you can join where you do fun activities and experiments.

Every other Tuesday, Cub Scout Pack 284 meets at Wayne Elementary School, usually in the Cafeteria. Sometimes they take special trips, like to the firehouse or the police station.

Most of the time we work on earning badges.  There are lots of different badges to earn, and you learn a new skill for every badge.  For example, I’ve learned a lot about physical fitness, science, and our community.  I’ve also learned how to safely use a pocket knife.

Every year in the winter we go indoor camping somewhere interesting.  One year we went to the Franklin Institute. This year we went to the natural history museum in Philadelphia. I really liked sleeping near the dinosaur skeletons!

Every year in late winter we have a car race called the Pinewood Derby.  In the Pinewood Derby you make a car out of a block of wood and then race it on a track against other people’s cars.  There are a lot of different awards, including speed awards and design awards.

When it’s not too cold we go outdoor camping in tents.  We toast marshmallows over a campfire and make s’mores, and we cook our own meals.  At night we sit around the campfire and act out skits and sing songs.

Anybody in grades K to 5 can join.  Cub Scouts used to be just for boys, but last year they started allowing girls.  In Cub Scouts the girls and boys are in dens together.

Depending on your grade, you are in different dens.

These are the Cub Scout dens:

K – Lions

1 – Tigers

2 – Wolves

3 – Bears

4 – Webelos (Webelos stands for We Be Loyal Scouts.)

5 – Arrow of Light

After fifth grade the you move up to Scouts BSA, and boys and girls are in separate dens.

If you want to join the Cub Scouts, you can email

Here are what some other scouts said about Cub Scouts:

“I think it’s really good because the experiments are cool, and whenever we take a trip the people are really nice. My favorite thing about Scouts is that in every den you get to do different things,” said Josh Silverman.

“I like when we go on fun trips,” said Perri Bruhns.




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