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Great Reads: Warriors

By Danby G. Morrison

I am going to tell you about a book series I’m reading called Warriors. Altogether there are 42 books across the six series!

It’s about four clans of wild cats — Thunderclan, Shadowclan, Windclan, and Riverclan. The clans are all enemies of each other and fight for prey, territory, shelter and water because it’s the only way to survive in the woods. Warriors call humans “twolegs” and roads “thunderpaths.” Cars are called “monsters.”

Steps of a warrior cat

The steps of a warrior are when they earn their warrior name: sometimes to deputy or to leader. First, they are “kits,” where the last part of their name is “kit.” Then when they are six moons (meaning months) old, they become apprentices, in training to become warriors or “medicine cat,”, and they take the last name “paw.” Warriors become mentors to the apprentices, the medicine cat also takes an apprentice.

When an apprentice proves themselves right, they earn their warrior name. For example, in the first series, an apprentice named Firepaw becomes Fireheart. When a cat is a warrior, they take the last part of their name “Heart”, “Claw”, “Tail”, “Pool,” and so on. The medicine cat is a cat who treats the warriors wounds and sicknesses using different plants and materials. When the deputy of the clan dies, a new warrior becomes deputy, then when the leader of the clan dies, the deputy becomes leader and appoints a new deputy.

Warrior code

Warriors should be free and wild, but there are rules, too. I don’t know all the warrior code, but I know some of it: The main idea of the code is to put the clan before you, like if a cat is out hunting, he/she can’t eat what they catch, they have to take it back to their territory, so the clan gets fed first. Another thing, which really isn’t a rule, all deputies must travel to the moonstone to share dreams with Starclan when they become leader. [ see later in review ]. Another thing is that you can’t just kill a cat when you fight, you fight to show your strength. If you break the warrior code, you get punished.

Starclan and the moonstone

Starclan is a clan in the stars of something called “silverpelt.” Silverpelt is a band of stars in the sky and each star is a dead warrior. Medicine cats get special omens from Starclan to tell the leader. The moonstone is a giant glittering stone inside a small undergrowth tunnel called “mothermouth.” When the leaders need to, they sleep in mothermouth near the moonstone. Then when the deputy becomes leader, they take the last name “star.” In the first series, the leaders name is Bluestar.

“Into the Wild”

In the “Into the wild” series, Thunderclan weakens, and Shadowclan grows stronger every day. And, Thunderclan needs new warriors. In the middle of this crisis come Rusty, an ordinary housecat, who may just be the bravest warrior of them all.

“Fire and Ice”

In this series, the battle with Shadowclan is over, and Shadowclan is happy with their new leader. But, bigger battles still lurk in the shadows. And a warrior named Graystripe has a secret that could put battle between Thunderclan and Riverclan into battle.

“Forest of Secrets”

Here we find that Graystripe refuses to stop his secret, and Thunderclan is still in danger. Meanwhile, tensions rise and Thunderclan is in trouble when Windclan and Shadowclan join forces and find out Thunderclans’ secret.

And that is it for the review of the Warriors books I read last year and this summer! I highly recommend them for ages 9 and up. The books do contain violent scenes that some cat lovers don’t like to read.

The Magnificent Maris Wicks

By Connor Walsh

Wayne Elementary students were very honored to have a guest author/illustrator come visit us on Wednesday May 2nd. Maris Wicks has written non-fiction books in the graphic format and she illustrated another picture book. A bunch of students got the chance to have lunch with Wicks while asking her questions on her books. These are some fun facts that we learned about this author.

One thing we learned about Maris Wicks is that her favorite book she wrote is Human Body Theater because it was the first book she wrote by herself. It was a big accomplishment for her.

Where the Wild Things Are and The Way Things Work are Maris Wick’ favorite books by another author. These books inspired her to write her own books. Maris Wicks gets her ideas for her books from her active imagination and also gets many ideas from nature.

I had a great time at lunch with Maris Wicks. Maris Wicks was very funny and interesting. She has traveled to a lot of interesting places like Antarctica and shared a lot of fantastic stories. After this lunch, I want to read all of her books because of her personality.

Wayne Elementary students appreciate the PTO Cultural Arts Committee for bringing a great author or illustrator each year.HumanBody2

Book Review: The Magic Half

By Danby G. Morrison

I’m going to tell you about a book I’m reading called, The Magic Half by Annie Barrows.

It’s about a girl named Miri who feels left out in her own family with two younger twin sisters on one side and older twin brothers on the other.

Miri also feels like she’s an extra in her family.

Then, one afternoon, in her room, Miri peeks into a piece of glass, then, something strange happens.

When Miri peeks into the piece of glass, she leaps back in time to the year 1935. Then, Miri meets Molly, a girl her age but from the past.

Molly insists this is her room and that Miri has come to save her from Molly’s horrible aunt Flo and cousin Horst.

Miri and Molly have always wanted a twin sister, and now Molly’s going to come home with Miri and Miri won’t feel left out in her own family!

I rate this book five stars, and that is what I have for The Magic Half.magichalf

Books: A Percy Jackson Throwdown

A poll and review of Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters vs. Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief

By Danby G. Morrison

OK PJ fans out there, which Percy Jackson book do you like better?  The Lightning Thief, or Sea of Monsters?  Comment below with your answer!

Well let’s think about the story lines.   You will hear them right here:

The Lightning Thief

Percy Jackson has been kicked out of a lot of schools, this one was not a normal one. A satyr from Olympus named Grover, a centaur named Chiron, and Percy himself is son of Poseidon, [ Spoiler Alert! ].

Zeus and Hades think that Percy stole Zeus’s master bolt, because gods aren’t aloud to steel each others property, but their children can, so Zeus is mad at Poseidon because Zeus thinks that Percy stole the Master bolt and brought it to Hades.  Meanwhile Percy goes to Camp Half-Blood protected by a border from monsters and mortals.   Percy trains at Camp Half-Blood to go on real quests. And this is his first one, he must go to Hades in Hollywood, Los Angeles.

Can Percy prove to Hades that he does not have the master bolt?

Sea of Monsters

The borders of camp half-blood are broken when Thalia’s tree
gets poisoned by Hermes son, Luke.  Percy must go on a quest to find the golden fleece, a thing that can heal people or places.

And they meet Grover on his quest looking for Pan. But Luke is looking for the fleece too, Luke will return the fleece to Percy when he’s finished with it! Luke wants the fleece to heal Kronos, the titan lord. But Percy was not supposed to be on this quest, his enemy Clarise was supposed to, but he wanted to.


Now that you have heard the two stories, tell me which one was your favorite and which one you want to read, bye!

Books: Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library

By Tate Marcinkoski

Some people think of libraries as just ordinary buildings filled with dusty shelves of books. But in Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library by Chris Grabenstein, one Ohio library has been turned into a futuristic place with an IMAX movie theater, holograms, video games, touch screen computers and hover ladders that float up to the books people want.

The library was created by a millionaire game maker, Luigi Lemoncello, who invites 12 seventh graders chosen from an essay contest to come to a lock-in the night before the library opens. They are told that if they want, they can take part in an escape game, where they have just 24 hours to find their way out of the library without using the doors, fire exits or windows.

The kids have to follow book-related clues and solve all kinds of secret puzzles and riddles to find the hidden escape route and win Mr. Lemoncello’s big prize. As a bunch of kids are eliminated for cheating, it becomes a race to the finish for the rest of the players like Kyle, who is obsessed with games. Will he and the others manage to find their way out in time? You will just have to read the book to find out.

I definitely recommend Mr. Lemoncello’s Library if you like books, games and solving puzzles. And this book isn’t the end of the story. So far, the series includes two sequels and there are more to come!

Wonder: The Book, The Movie and Being Kind

By Orlaith Anne Dill and Elise Claire Flanagan

We saw the movie Wonder at the Anthony Wayne Movie Theatre in Wayne the first Saturday after it came out, November 18, 2017.

The movie was directed by Stephen Chbosky, and is based on a book by R. J. Palacio. It was an interesting and sad movie.

Orlaith would say the movie Wonder was the best movie she’s ever seen. Elise says it was most depressing and awesome movie she ever seen.

Although it is sad, Wonder is a meaningful movie.

It is about a boy named August who has a deformed face. He gets bullied at his new school because of the way he looks. He basically has only one friend whose name is Jack Will.

When they go on a field trip, August gets bullied in the woods by seventh graders. August’s enemy stuck up for him in the fight and then they became friends.

Their friendship made people notice that August was a very kind person and they didn’t care about how his face looked. This movie is about how we shouldn’t judge people on their outside appearance but we should care about their inside feelings.


We won’t tell you the ending because we don’t want to ruin the movie for you, but we will tell you that it is a very happy ending.

We do have to mention that Elise’s dad bawled the entire movie and it was sort of embarrassing! We would highly recommend that you go see this movie.

As the holiday season is upon us, this is good time to think about being kind to everyone and to not “judge a book by its cover!”



A Great Time at the WES Book Fair

By Elise Flanagan

When my alarm went off, I got right out of bed because I was so excited. I said to myself, “Today is the Wayne Book Fair!”

I learned that the three purposes for the Wayne Book Fair are to raise money for the school, to put new books in kid’s hands, and to donate books to your classroom.

At 12:30, my class finally went to the book fair. I walked into the Little Theater and saw hundreds of books. I couldn’t wait to look at all the different books.

We listened to Mrs. Monahan telling my class where all the different books were. She said, “Poetry back there, history along with historical biography to your right, educational over there, and non-fiction and fiction scattered all over. Have fun!”

My mom met me there with her money and we bought three books. I picked “Where Is the Eiffel Tower” because my family and I are going to Paris for Spring break.

I also picked “The Baby Sitters Club” because it was written by Raina Telgemaier.  She wrote other books that I really like.


The last one I donated to my class (well my mom donated one). I don’t know much about that book other than it had something to do with a super hero. It was a book Mrs. Barnes chose for part of her library.


I looked at all kinds of books, chapter books, easy books, and comic books. I had an awesome time! And I hope you did too!

Review: “Dog Man: A Tale of Two Kitties”

By Tate Marcinkoski


If you’re familiar with Dav Pilkey’s “Dog Man” book series, then you know

all about the mischief making cat, Petey, known for his crazy inventions. In the series’ latest story, “Dog Man: A Tale of Two Kitties,” Petey is causing double the trouble for local policeman Dog Man with his “butler.” Without spoiling too much of the plot for you, let’s just say that Petey has found a way to clone himself in his lab — but things don’t turn out exactly like he planned.


While Dog Man is dealing with all of Petey’s trouble, Flippy, the evil fish from the second book, “Dog Man Unleashed,” comes back to life as a bionic fish. Flippy once again tries to destroy the city, this time with beastly buildings, giving Dog Man even more problems.


As always, Pilkey’s colorful comic book-style illustrations are super funny, along with the dialogue. Just try to read this book without laughing hysterically. The flip-o-ramas (two pages that you flip back and forth to make them look animated), are especially cool.

Rating: Two paws up!

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