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Summer Travel: Los Angeles, San Diego

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By Leah Zhang


How was your summer break?

Mine was awesome!!!

Read on to find out what happens about my trip to California!

(I made it so it would look like you came too!) 😊

My family and I are packing our suitcases at night. Luke and I would have been going to school tomorrow but we were all going to California tomorrow. 😊

We are going on the airplane right now. We’ll be there in quite a few hours. But I absolutely HATE going on planes. ☹

But now, we are landing.

“TAXI!!! Over here!!!” (That was me screaming.)

We are now going to go rent a car and go to a hotel.  We are in Los Angeles.

We rented a car and got in a hotel and in our hotel room.

“Well, good night!!!” I am going to bed.

“Good morning.” I am first to wake up. Well, mom is, but she is quiet on her phone or iPad.

Finally, everyone wakes up. We get ready, and the day begins.

Breakfast. I was hungry. And I even made myself hot chocolate. After everyone was done, we all headed back to our room.

“Dad, where are we going? Is it Hollywood?” I ask.

“That’s where we are going,” Dad says. YAY!!! I AM SOOOO EXCITED!!!

The trip there was about 30 minutes. We even saw a sign that said, “Welcome to Hollywood.”

It was soooo fun!!! I went to the Harry Potter section and got a wand that actually works there. There was also a show where animals (like puppies, birds, pigs, and more) do tricks and they are trained very well.

There was also a drink named Butter Beer. Dad wanted to get it. So, he did. But it was a children’s drink, so Luke and I shared it. Soon, it was time to go back home.

The next day, we all went back to Hollywood, Universal Studios. I brought my wand to do more magic tricks. Also, we went on a roller coaster. The sign said that we would get wet, but instead we got soaked!!! ☹

Now, on the third day, we went in the car to go allll the way to San Diego, by lunch time. So, we all went out for lunch after we got a hotel room. After lunch, we all went to a cruise for a trip around. We saw the army tanks and stuff.

And after that, dad went out to go get pizza. The pizza was good. Then, we all got ready for bed. “Good Night Everyone!!!”

In the morning, we all got breakfast. After breakfast, we all went to our hotel room to prepare.

We set off for Safari Park. There were a LOT of shows there. My favorite was probably, I think it’s called, “A Dog’s Purpose.”  It was about dogs.

The next day, we went to Sea World. I got my face painted. Now there was a panda on my cheek.

Today was now the last day. But it was my favorite. We went to the San Diego Zoo. I got to see real live pandas. YAY!!!!!!! (That was me screaming) I even got my own stuffed panda. But it looks soooo real. (Except for the bamboo) 😊

We went home today. But I had soooo much fun. And I hope that you enjoyed reading this, but this is the end, soooo, ——-


Great Reads: Warriors

By Danby G. Morrison

I am going to tell you about a book series I’m reading called Warriors. Altogether there are 42 books across the six series!

It’s about four clans of wild cats — Thunderclan, Shadowclan, Windclan, and Riverclan. The clans are all enemies of each other and fight for prey, territory, shelter and water because it’s the only way to survive in the woods. Warriors call humans “twolegs” and roads “thunderpaths.” Cars are called “monsters.”

Steps of a warrior cat

The steps of a warrior are when they earn their warrior name: sometimes to deputy or to leader. First, they are “kits,” where the last part of their name is “kit.” Then when they are six moons (meaning months) old, they become apprentices, in training to become warriors or “medicine cat,”, and they take the last name “paw.” Warriors become mentors to the apprentices, the medicine cat also takes an apprentice.

When an apprentice proves themselves right, they earn their warrior name. For example, in the first series, an apprentice named Firepaw becomes Fireheart. When a cat is a warrior, they take the last part of their name “Heart”, “Claw”, “Tail”, “Pool,” and so on. The medicine cat is a cat who treats the warriors wounds and sicknesses using different plants and materials. When the deputy of the clan dies, a new warrior becomes deputy, then when the leader of the clan dies, the deputy becomes leader and appoints a new deputy.

Warrior code

Warriors should be free and wild, but there are rules, too. I don’t know all the warrior code, but I know some of it: The main idea of the code is to put the clan before you, like if a cat is out hunting, he/she can’t eat what they catch, they have to take it back to their territory, so the clan gets fed first. Another thing, which really isn’t a rule, all deputies must travel to the moonstone to share dreams with Starclan when they become leader. [ see later in review ]. Another thing is that you can’t just kill a cat when you fight, you fight to show your strength. If you break the warrior code, you get punished.

Starclan and the moonstone

Starclan is a clan in the stars of something called “silverpelt.” Silverpelt is a band of stars in the sky and each star is a dead warrior. Medicine cats get special omens from Starclan to tell the leader. The moonstone is a giant glittering stone inside a small undergrowth tunnel called “mothermouth.” When the leaders need to, they sleep in mothermouth near the moonstone. Then when the deputy becomes leader, they take the last name “star.” In the first series, the leaders name is Bluestar.

“Into the Wild”

In the “Into the wild” series, Thunderclan weakens, and Shadowclan grows stronger every day. And, Thunderclan needs new warriors. In the middle of this crisis come Rusty, an ordinary housecat, who may just be the bravest warrior of them all.

“Fire and Ice”

In this series, the battle with Shadowclan is over, and Shadowclan is happy with their new leader. But, bigger battles still lurk in the shadows. And a warrior named Graystripe has a secret that could put battle between Thunderclan and Riverclan into battle.

“Forest of Secrets”

Here we find that Graystripe refuses to stop his secret, and Thunderclan is still in danger. Meanwhile, tensions rise and Thunderclan is in trouble when Windclan and Shadowclan join forces and find out Thunderclans’ secret.

And that is it for the review of the Warriors books I read last year and this summer! I highly recommend them for ages 9 and up. The books do contain violent scenes that some cat lovers don’t like to read.

Jones on Summer ’18: Cruise & Swim Team!

By Lorelei Jones

This summer I had two amazing adventures…… a Disney cruise and a winning varsity swim team at Martins Dam. First, I am going to talk about the Disney cruise, then I will share my story about swim team.

Ok let’s get on to the first story, The Disney Cruise. First I need to tell you about the delicious food. We went to a different restaurant every night. They had amazing food and it was free so we can sneak out from the hotel room and go to the bakery and get whatever we want…..and not tell our parents, but of course we never did that. There were also a bunch of activities on the boat like games and plays. We played shuffle board, mini golf, and water sports, and we saw a play called “Believe.” It was about a little girl and it was her birthday. Unfortunately, her dad had more important things to do on her birthday. Also, her dad does not believe in magic, but she loves magic. So a genie, that popped out of a bottle, took him on a journey till he believed in magic. It was amazing!

I want to tell you a funny story about when I was golfing on the boat. I was behind this girl and she got a hole in one. But on her next shot, the golf ball flew right off the boat into the water. We were all laughing pretty hard.

And now, on to the swim team! I was on a very nice swim team at Martin’s Dam Swim Club. I had a lot of nice friends on it. Most importantly, we haven’t lost a meet in 5 years and this year I achieved something I’m very proud of……. I got on to the varsity team! My brother made it on last year and bragged to my face. But this year, I was so excited because he couldn’t brag anymore because I made the varsity team too! My friends were so excited for me, and I bet my brother was but he just didn’t want to show it.

So those were my fun things for this summer. What did you do this summer?

Lorelei Jones is in third grade at WES with Mrs. Barnes.  For more on the swim team’s season, click here.

Want to be cool? Then Ride to School!


 By Maeve Mangler – 4th Grade


What: Friday WES Ride to School

When: Every Friday/Spring and Fall


Hey Kids,

Ever want to ride your bike to school. Well now is your chance to join us on……


We will meet each and every Friday morning (good weather only) at the Radnor Fire Station at 8:00 AM.

And for the next 20 minutes, we relax and cruise around on our bikes while we wait for everyone. Then, at 8:30 AM, my dad gets us organized and we ride, single file, down West Wayne Ave to WES.

Then, at the end of the day, we will meet back at the fire station at 4:00 PM.

NEWS FLASH… this Friday 6/8/18 is our last ride for this year.  If you would like to know more, email my dad at

We hope you will join us!

Safe Riding – Maeve Mangler ☺



WES Green Ocean Committee News


By Lilah Kenny

At Wayne Elementary School in 4th grade in Mrs. Trolley’s class some girls have started a GREEN OCEAN COMMITTEE! To help recycle and stop plastic from getting in the ocean. Like plastic bottles some animals think it’s food, and these can get stuck around a sea turtles neck, now straws can get stuck in sea animal’s noses and they can’t breathe.

You see how bad plastic is for the ocean.

There are two founders of the green ocean committee, Lilah Kenny (me) and Regan Whitehead.  We are trying to save the seas.

For example, I did an Earth Day lemonade stand for the green ocean committee and the sea animals. I raised $180 dollars.

Go to for a news video of the great garbage patch.

The great garbage patch in Pacific Ocean it has a large amount of plastic and marine animals it is the twice the size as Texas these animals are in danger BIG danger. Also it’s not just sea animals it’s land and sky animals like birds who think plastic is food so do land animals.

But MOTE Aquarium in Sarasota, Florida, is trying to help.   Can you?  Help by recycling!

The members of the green ocean committee are


Ms. Lilah Kenny and Ms. Regan Whitehead

Secretary is Ms. Claire Marino

Secretary is Ms. Peyton Miller

Co- founders:

Ms. Ayden Kurd and Ms. Avery Tyrrell

Supplies manager:

Ms. Catherine O’Black

If you read my previous story, “The Animals Under The Sea,” you will remember Pippi, Jane and Huck, the MOTE’s adorable river otters.  They need you guys to save their home!

This is Pippi

This is Jane, Pippi’s sister

And this is Huck, the only boy.

See, the otters are ready to save the sea. But it’s not just all the sea animals. Say hi to these seagulls.

Funny, and you remember another guy from the MOTE, Buffy the manatee.

My grandma is also helping, by not using plastic and always recycling.

And, in conclusion, Recycle People!



The Three Pepper Doggies in a Sticky Situation

By Danby G. Morrison

There once was three pepper doggies: Minty, Spicy, and Stripey.

One day they were going to a Christmas convention for peppermints, but their Grandma Mint was sick and needed one of them to help her.

So Stripey decided to take care of Grandma Mint, and Minty and Spicy went to the convention and it was so much fun! They got hot chocolate, cookies, and saw their friends the Three Meowshmallows and said hi.

The Three Meowshmallows names were Sticky, Sweety, and Chewy.  Suddenly an announcement came on.  Minty thought somebody was going to sing a song.

But actually, it was a surprise dismissal of the convention.  That meant Minty and Spicey had to go through the rice candy forest.  That’s a scary forest where monsters made of rice candy that scare little candies right out of their sweet coating.

Minty and Spicey were walking in the forest, terrified thinking the rice candy monsters would eat them up.

Then suddenly, they heard a growl, a growl that was made of rice candy. So Minty and Spicey got out their swords made of Jolly Ranchers.

The three pepper doggies defended their sticky lives.  They were good at sword fighting, especially Minty.  They dashed and jumped and skipped and pranced and danced.

Then, suddenly, Stripey and Grandma Mint came dashing out.  Grandma wasn’t sick anymore!  They both were running toward Minty and Spicey.

Grandma Mint got out her ancient sword made of hard caramel and slashed at the rice candy monster, and the Three Pepper Doggies and their Grandma Mint lived happily ever after.

The End.


Walk to Wayne 2018

By Ben Rickmond

The 3rd graders went on a field trip to Wayne on May 3 2018. The “Walk to Wayne” is an annual field trip that 3rd graders at Wayne, Radnor, and Ithan Elementary Schools get to take. On the trip, we walk into Wayne and learn about local businesses.

It was REALLY HOT on the walk! We still had fun. My group got to visit and interview local business owners at Christophers’s, Anthony Wayne Movie Theater, the Wayne Bar, The Wayne Post Office, Radnor Fire Co., the Wayne SEPTA train station, and the Wayne Senior Center.

We got free t-shirts thanks to the WES PTO. Ms.Gallagher re-designed the t-shirts and everybody liked them.

My favorite part was to go to Christopher’s.

We interviewed Chris, the owner of Christopher’s. Also he gave us a tour of the shop. He showed us how you order the food and the process it goes through. Here’s an interesting fact, the servers need to memorize the whole menu.

We also got to make our own pizza and eat it! (P.S. It tasted even better than how they make it.) Did you know that they set their brick pizza oven at 600 degrees? I thought that was funny, because at home you usually set the oven for 400 degrees to make pizza.

I thought the trip was awesome. To all second graders, I think next year you will enjoy the trip as well. Thank you to the teachers and parents who helped to make this trip successful.



Wayne train station platform.


Ice cream at the Wayne Bar.


Christopher’s where we met owner Chris Todd.


The Anthony Wayne movie theater.


Travel: Puerto Rico Strong

By Orlaith A. Dill

I went to Puerto Rico for Spring Break. This summer Puerto Rico suffered a lot of damage from hurricanes.

From the plane when I flew in, I saw a lot of blue tarps on the roofs of buildings covering up damage from the hurricanes. I saw other signs of damage as well. There was beach erosion. There was limited electricity and water. There was one area where the trees were so damaged that it looked like there had been a forest fire. And many buildings were ruined.

One town I usually go to is called Jobos and it is near where my Grandfather lives. Jobos is right on the beach and it had a lot of damage from the storms.

I saw pictures of a restaurant that I like and it had been completely destroyed. I also heard from people about the care packages of food they got from the US and the nice notes that were inside.

I was impressed by the way people were working together to rebuild things. The restaurant I like is called Kai’s, and it had already been completely rebuilt from the ground up by the people who work there.

I have attached a picture with this article so that you can see the people rebuilding Kai’s and the Puerto Rican flag they raised to show their spirit. One thing I learned is that people there are Puerto Rico Strong.


The author Orlaith Dill at the rebuilt Kai’s restaurant.


Damage to Kai’s restaurant near Jobos, Puerto Rico.


Many areas are still without roofs, electricity and water.


The people of Puerto Rico working together to rebuild.


Kai’s restaurant before rebuilding.


The Hurricane force winds stripped the trees.


The beaches of Puerto Rico.

10 Things Mr. Savage Will Miss

By Tate Marcinkoski

Everyone at WES was very sad to hear that Mr. Savage is leaving at the end of the year to take a new job as principal at another school. He has been such an important part of our school, and we will all miss him.

I first met Mr. Savage four years ago when he taught music. He made learning super fun and always made everyone laugh. When he became assistant principal, he spent a lot of time visiting classrooms, the cafeteria, the playground and the bus loop to say hi and talk to students. He made everyone feel very welcome and happy to be at WES. His new school will be lucky to have him.

Last week, I had an opportunity to interview Mr. Savage and ask him the 10 things he is going to miss most about our school. Here is what he said:

1.   All of the kids

2.   All of the teachers

3.   Our mascot, WES the Bee

4.   The positive behavior programs such as bee tickets and our school motto, “Be…Respectful, Responsible, Safe and Caring.”

5.   Getting dunked in the dunk tank at the Spring Fair  (** We have one last chance to dunk him later this month!! )

6.   Hearing the students sing at the winter concert

7.   Stopping by the cafeteria during lunch and asking kids how their day is going

8.   Working with the school’s many paraprofessionals

9.   Hanging out with Mr. Vaughn, Ms. Roseanne and all of the people at lunch

10.  His office team: Mrs. Ferguson, Mrs. Meehan, Mrs. Treadway


For more information on the Spring Fair Thursday May 31st from 4 to 8 pm, click here.

The Magnificent Maris Wicks

By Connor Walsh

Wayne Elementary students were very honored to have a guest author/illustrator come visit us on Wednesday May 2nd. Maris Wicks has written non-fiction books in the graphic format and she illustrated another picture book. A bunch of students got the chance to have lunch with Wicks while asking her questions on her books. These are some fun facts that we learned about this author.

One thing we learned about Maris Wicks is that her favorite book she wrote is Human Body Theater because it was the first book she wrote by herself. It was a big accomplishment for her.

Where the Wild Things Are and The Way Things Work are Maris Wick’ favorite books by another author. These books inspired her to write her own books. Maris Wicks gets her ideas for her books from her active imagination and also gets many ideas from nature.

I had a great time at lunch with Maris Wicks. Maris Wicks was very funny and interesting. She has traveled to a lot of interesting places like Antarctica and shared a lot of fantastic stories. After this lunch, I want to read all of her books because of her personality.

Wayne Elementary students appreciate the PTO Cultural Arts Committee for bringing a great author or illustrator each year.HumanBody2

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