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Rickmond: Handel’s Behind the Scenes

By Ben Rickmond😋

I’m Ben and this summer I went to the famous Handels ice cream parlor and got a tour!

So, this is how you make the ice cream, the person pour some milk into a special machine it spins around and around and its cold inside and lets in air, so it does not freeze.

I’m sure you go to Handel’s a lot in the summer! You probably must wait a little while. 😩

Want to know why? Because people at the front don’t know what they want and try too many samples.

Fun fact: up to 100 customers per hour at their peak time in the summer.

Fun fact: there is an old jukebox inside when you walk in.

Well that’s it for today hope you learned a lot!HandelsCoinHandelsLogoHandelsSamplesHandelsTour


WES Buzz Poll: Pokemon v Legos

By Julia Silverman🙂

HI! My name is Julia, and I spoke to ten fourth graders about what they like to bring to recess and why.

I like to bring Pokémon cards and Legos to recess. Some people prefer one or the other, and some people can’t decide.

Most people that like Legos told me they like to build with them. People that bring Pokémon cards said they like a lot of things, like trading them, battling, and opening new packs.

Below is a pie chart showing my results. In the end, most people liked Legos!


Silverman: Falconing in Hershey, PA

By Julia Silverman

When the car stopped in front of a huge cage containing a golden eagle, that was the start of an amazing day!

One day in Hershey, Pennsylvania, my dad and I fed a Harris’ hawk animal parts from a glove!

The guide showed us the golden eagle and held it in his hand!

Next, we put our arms in a circle and the hawk flew through my arms! It was so cool!

I drove off looking back at where a great day took place, hanging out with the birds!


WES Football: Players and Stats

By Zeke Williams and Aiden Swindells

WES Sports Desk


This year school football has taken a turn for the best.

We are seeing double the amount of players this year than any other year.

We are not sure that you guys will like Stats (what the numbers tell you about the game) or stories, so please tell us what you prefer.

Now getting on to the good stuff, fourth grade football has been showing some real talent.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we got recruited to the Eagles!

We have good QB’s such as Jeff Wassel and Reese Allen,

also players are excelling in defense such as Dennis Conner at cornerback.

Next time at recess no matter what your gender play football.steelers



Cavin M 70 yd

Reese A 64 yd run

Will C 57 yd reception

Dennis C  42 yd run

Local Music Scene: The Morellas

By Danby G Morrison

I’m going to write a review about my brother and his friends’ band: The Morellas. Members of The Morellas are: Arch Morrison, William Wallace, Jonah Farber, and Luke Young.  Arch, Jonah and Luke all went to WES!

They’ve had a lot of concerts (mostly at their friend Tuckers’ house cause his house has the room).

So if you have an older brother/sister that goes to RMS, than come to their concert cause’ I’m sure they’ll mention it online. I’m talking to you Archie!!!!

I am actually going to be their project/assistant manager. (If I can get them a concert).

We’ve thought of merchandise were going to order and slap the Morellas logo on there (we’ve almost figured THAT out). Like markers for kids, fiber bars, and Morellas toasters that toasts their faces on the bread!

The Morellas are sponsored by Grow The Scene. I’ll talk to them later about their next venue.  See you at their next concert! Bye!

Here are the Morellas playing at 118 North on North Wayne Avenue after South Wayne Porchfest!

Your Guide to the 5 WES Specials

By Mia Lista

Dear Reader, here you will learn what you should do in specials, and these rules aren’t only for kindergartners but up to fifth grade.


First you will walk in quietly, you will either go in the Janson room or to your colored table. Stay quiet while Mrs. Dahlstrom or Mrs. Burns are speaking. In library, you will choose a book.



In art it is the same thing, come in, take a seat and wait quietly for instructions. If you are painting, please do NOT paint on anyone else or even you. Please do NOT draw on tables and the floor with a marker. Please be respectful to Ms. Gallagher. In art, you will work on arts and crafts.



Ok, you know the drill, say “good morning” or “good afternoon,” sit down quietly and wait for instructions. In wellness, you will mostly learn about the human body and what it does.



Please do not talk while Ms. Fields is playing music or talking. In your squad spots, you should NOT talk to your friends. In music, you will learn about music and play some too!



This one is a biggie, I know we all love gym, so please be respectful and you will have more time to play games, ok? In gym, you play fun games like gaga ball!



If you follow these rules, you’ll be a prize pupil!

Meet our new Dean of Students, Mrs. Esposito

By Connor Walsh

Have you or an older brother or sister ever had Mrs. Esposito as a teacher? Well I was lucky enough to have her as my 3rd grade teacher.

Now Mrs. Esposito moved on to being the Dean of Students. This is her first year being the Dean of Students.

I had the privilege to interview Mrs. Esposito to learn more about the Dean of Students. You will still see Mrs. Esposito on some days but on other days, she is at Radnor Elementary School.

When she is at WES, she is working on behavior, lunch and recess. Mrs. Esposito misses having close relationships with students but now she gets to help many more students. The main reason that Mrs. Esposito became the Dean of Students is that she is always looking for new challenges. She did not have to go back to college for this job, but it was good she went and earned a principal’s certificate.

So far, Mrs. Esposito is really enjoying the new job. I believe that Mrs. Esposito would go out of her way to help any student that has a question or needs help at WES. I’m very happy that I had Mrs. Esposito as a teacher and believe that she will be a great Dean of Students!

Mrs. Esposito and the author, Connor Walsh

Top 10 Cutest Dog Costumes

By Lilah Kenny

Are you ready for Halloween? I know I am! What about your pets? It’s okay if you don’t have a pet, I don’t either, but I would like to see cute pictures of puppies in costumes. So, let’s look at puppies! ☺

Number 10 🛫

THE PUPPY PILOT! Get ready to take off to trick or treating. Your mission: to get treats. 3-2-1 take off!

Number 9🦄


Are you ready to party! RUF! This puppy is always at the party. She loves dancing to midnight!

Number 8😁


Inter-galactic space station ready to launch 3-2-1 blast off!

Number 7☕


The puppy latte will give your morning a good start it can be cold or warm or snuggly! You got to love the puppy latte!

Number 6⛲

Hawaii dog!

Say “Aloha” to this tropical puppy. Surf’s up! Cowabunga dude!

Number 5🚚


Ding-dong!  The UPS pups delivery man is here.  “Here’s your package, please sign here”. “Thank you”.

Number 4 😎

The Hogwarts Seekers!

3-2-1- Fly! “There off the Weasley’s hitting those bulgers, harry sees the snitch, go keeper go, look at Ginny Weasley go! Bam! HARRY POTTER GOT THE SNITCH!”

Number 3📱


“Pug order pizza” that’s right I got the new Ipug it has every app you can think of! It also comes with a snuggly friend. It’s an awesome iPhone and there’s tablets too!

Number 2🐞


We should have her back. She is so sweet, I 💗her she is a cute puppy and ladybug!

Number 1

Wonder Woman!💟

She is going to save the world one paw at a time! She is Izzy, my little dog cousin. She is a sweetheart, she can wag her tail and the villains will be out of town. Never fear Wonder Izzy is here!

Well I hope you liked my top 10 pet costumes.

I💗 puppies! And yes, I saved Izzy for last! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 😈

Fifth Grade Recess Is Super Fun

By Shane Lofton

In the fifth grade recess a bunch of people play basketball, a bunch of people play football, and a couple people play soccer. There’s also some that play on the playground.

Fifth grade recess starts at 11:40 am and ends at 12:05 pm, then we start lunch. We use the field next to the soccer field for football, the soccer field for soccer, and the blacktop for basketball.

When it’s “Blacktop Only” for recess, football is still played, same with basketball, though I don’t think soccer is still played for a blacktop only recess.  Mr. T, Ms. T, and Ms. Priya supervise us at recess.

Some people play “Four Square” too.

Fifth grade recess is super fun.

In Four Square, there are four individual squares painted different colors.  (See photo).

One person stands in each square.

There are four different positions you can be in.  The positions are: Jack, Queen, King, Ace — one for each square.  The Ace always serves the ball. The Ace hits the ball with his/her hand into another square.

There are many ways to get out but the number one way of getting out is doing a “Cherry Bomb.”  A Cherry Bomb is when you bounce it so high the other players can’t get the ball.

If the Ace got out, then the Ace would move to Jack, the King would move to Ace, so on and so on.


Author Up Close: Zhang Meets Jen Calonita

By Leah Zhang

There was a book fair (that’s what my mom and dad call it) where I met Jen Calonita, an author who writes one of my favorite book series, Fairy Tale Reform School.

I was soooo excited in my Dad’s car going to Children’s Book World in Haverford to meet Jen Calonita!!!

Mrs. Dahlstrom, our amazing WES librarian, had called my Dad to be sure we knew it was happening.

“Oh!!! We’re finally here!!!,” I thought when we arrived.

When I entered with my Dad, I saw a lot of books. Jen Calonita greeted Dad and me. She has blonde hair, brown eyes and is very nice. She showed me how to make a wand. She started to make one herself, too. Soon, more people came in.

When I had just finished my wand, my dad decided to buy me a book.

Jen Calonita said that she has written the fifth book in the Fairy Tale series but it won’t come out until March. But she did show us the cover. It’s called Wishes. There was also another book called Misfits, and it was on the shelf so we got that one.

I did get it autographed (and her email for questions).

Jen Calonita said that Misfits was the first book to a new series, and she wrote this book because she said, “Have you ever wondered what goes on the other side of the Fairy Tale Reform School?” So, this is called Royal Academy Rebels.

(I am very sorry if you don’t understand a word I am saying right now, so you should go and read the book!!!)

Jen Calonita handed a sheet of tests and my favorite one was the test of where you would fit; the Royal Academy Rebels or the Fairy Tale Reform School. I got the Fairy Tale Reform school.

My dad got a book, and then we said goodbye and went back home.

LeahBookworldsigning - Oct 9 2018 - 8-14 AM

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