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Walsh: Lion King Review

By Connor Walsh

This Thanksgiving break, I was lucky enough to see the Lion King on Broadway. The musical was held at Minskoff Theater in New York City.  The theater was packed with people!

The Lion King is about a young lion named Simba that will eventually become King of the Pride Lands. Simba faces a lot of challenges before he becomes King. Before the Lion King was on Broadway, it was an animated Disney movie. The Lion King’s opening night was on November 13, 1997. That was 24 years ago!

Once everyone was seated the theater went dark and quiet. Then Rafiki, the monkey appeared singing on stage. Then animals started walking down the aisles to Pride Rock on stage. I thought it was amazing how detailed and realistic the elephant, giraffe, and warthog looked. Some of the animals even moved liked real animals especially the baboons and hyenas. I loved the act when young Simba was singing I can’t wait to be king. That act was very loud and exciting.

One of my favorite scenes was the charge of the wildebeest stampede. I thought the special effects were so cool! If I had a choice to see the Lion King on Broadway or at the movie theater I would rather see it on Broadway. That’s why I recommend you to go see the Lion King on Broadway.



Five Fun Christmas Carols

My top 5 Christmas carols!

By Lilah Kenny!

Ho ho ho merry Christmas! Are you ready for Christmas? My family has our whole house decorated (except the tree). One of our favorite things to do is listen or sing Christmas carols! Here are a top 5 of our favorites! (by the way they are random).

Number 5

Let it snow let it snow let it snow was written by Sammy Cahn. It was written in Hollywood, California. However, LET IT SNOW has been played in June, July and August. I remember when I was little my brother and I would dance around the kitchen to this song a night before a snow storm hoping that it would snow.

Number 4

Winter wonderland just gives you the Christmas cheer. With all the lyrics (which is written by Richard B. Smith), you can picture the winter wonderland in your mind. When I was little, I thought there really was a winter wonderland. The song makes you think of Christmas!

Number 3

Happy Holiday is a song by Andy Williams. And it is also one of my favorites. I have listened to it so many times I have memorized every word. I can’t get that song out of my head! It a song great for kids because of the lyrics that tell the listeners about Santa (which every kid loves) and candy canes and Christmas trees. A true Christmas song.

Number 2

“Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock”! This song has been sung by many people, that’s why it’s a big hit! This song is new and old. Many singers have made other versions. I have made up dances and I have remembered it by heart. You can have some real Christmas fun with this song. Dance around your kitchen, put on performances with your family. Go have some fun and dance to Jingle Bell Rock

Number 1

Santa Claus is coming to town. You better be good Santa’s coming. Don’t you want toys? I do! It’s the holiday season and Santa’s coming to eat cookies and give you presents. I remember when I was little, I danced to this song on Christmas Eve waiting for him to come when I wake up in the morning. This song was a childhood favorite with all the jingle bells in Christmas!

Here are some Christmas carols facts to learn

  1. Christmas carols were very popular in Poland
  2. There was a tradition of singing Christmas carols until till February 2th
  3. And Christmas music started on December 1st on radio stations

Well I hope you have a Merry Christmas and go start dancing to Christmas carols! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Fourth and Fifth Grade Geography Bee

By Zeke Williams

In November, fourth and fifth grade teachers announced to their classes that we would be doing a geography bee. For my class we had it at Social Studies time and each student was given five questions, including on states and continents.

Our teacher asked the questions while we sat on the carpet.

Some of the questions were easy and some were hard! An example of an easy question was “What continent is Australia on?” Most people knew Australia is the continent!

An example of a hard question was “What is the smallest of the Great Lakes?” Do you know?  It’s actually Lake Ontario. 

Whoever got the most out of the five questions won. If two kids got the same, highest number, they would compete in a tie-breaker the next day. The winner of the tie-breaker goes on to compete against the winners from other classes in the grade. The winner for fourth grade competes against the fifth grade winner for the championship.

It was fun for most people. When you didn’t know the answer, though, it was frustrating to lose.


Editor’s Note: Radnor participates in the official National Geographic Society Geographic Bee.  Students in grades 4-8 are eligible.  This year is the first year 4th and 5th graders were able to take part.  RMS also takes part.  In 2012, an RMS student won the state championship!  To learn more about the Geographic bee, see




Kindness is Cool: How You Can Help, Too

By Ben Rickmond 👨‍💻

Before Thanksgiving, my family went to a high school cafeteria in Downingtown to help a charity called “The Lords Pantry.”  We went around a set of tables picking a certain amount of Thanksgiving foods and putting them into baskets and delivering them to families in need.  We made baskets for about 250 families.  My Dad’s work supported this charity by giving some money because there were 10 people from that company who volunteered.

Do you want to give kindness? Here are some ways to give back:

Donate to the Ronald McDonald house.  My Favorite charity!

Go to:

Radnor Township is collecting for Toys for Tots:

Want to help on MLK Day of Service at the high school on 1/21/19?

Click this link:

You can donate clothes and toys and other things to Cradles to Crayons visit this site.

You can give food to a food drive at Wayne United Methodist Church visit this site to learn more

Help Alex’s Lemonade by setting up lemonade stands (in the spring) or donate!

Visit this site

Book Review: The Menagerie Series

By Julia Silverman

The Menagerie is a great book series for people that like mythical animals and fantasy books. It follows Logan and Zoe through Xanadu, Wyoming, as they try to save the Menagerie. The Menagerie is a hidden place full of magical animals.

The first book is called The Menagerie. In this book, Logan and Zoe need to find six escaped griffin cubs, or the Menagerie will be shut down.

The second book is Dragon on Trial. The Menagerie’s golden goose is missing, and Logan and Zoe must investigate to find out what happened.

The last book is named Krakens and Lies. Logan and Zoe must work together to stop the Menagerie and its creatures from being exposed.

I definitely recommend these books. They are exciting and funny. The books are by Tui and Kari Sutherland. Tui Sutherland is also the author of the Wings of Fire series. All the books can be found at the WES library.

Orchestra, Band and Chorus at WES

By Shane Lofton

In fourth grade you have a choice to play a couple different orchestra instruments including: Violin, Viola, Cello, and Upright Bass.

In fifth grade you can play an orchestra instrument, a band instrument, or both!

Band instruments are: Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Bassoon, Trumpet, Trombone, Baritone, and Percussion.

A lot of students enjoy all the music at WES.

“Even though it’s hard to do both instruments (band and orchestra) it’s a lot of fun to be up on stage twice with my classmates,” said Luis Munoz, fifth grader.

Mr. Scinto is the band teacher; Ms. McDonnell is the orchestra teacher.

In fourth and fifth grade you are required to be in the chorus.  Mrs. Fields is the chorus teacher and your music teacher. In chorus, the whole grade sings the songs Mrs. Fields gives you. You practice these songs in music class. When it gets closer to the concert, you will have whole grade practices with Mrs. Fields at I&E.   The holiday concert is coming up December 21!

Thanksgiving Traditions

By Lilah Kenny

Thanksgiving is fun, and my family loves our traditions. Do you want to hear some?

• We play football aka Turkey Bowl

• We have some laughs 😂

• Watch football

• We Play games

• We wear funny costumes

• We cook the bird

• And of course, eat lots of FOOD!

Here are some photos of my family doing some of these traditions

I hope you have fun traditions with your family and had a wonderful Thanksgiving last week!

Give thanks to all!

One more question what are your family traditions? If you can think of any write them down (or comment below!) and remember to do them next Thanksgiving. And if you don’t have any you can borrow mine!

The 3rd Annual WES Bee 5K

By Connor Walsh

On November 11th, 2018, the 3rd annual WES Bee 5K took place at Wayne Elementary. The sun was out and the sky was clear, it was chilly but it wasn’t raining! At 8:45 AM the starting siren went off for the 1 mile fun run. 1 mile runners and walkers covered a course out on West Wayne and returning to WES. As runners came in from the 1 mile fun run, Mr. Tracy was calling out the names of many of the student finishers.

After all fun runner/walkers crossed the finish line, Mr. Tracy call up all 5K runners to the starting line. The race timer from Bryn Mawr Racing, who was my Dad Ryan Walsh, gave directions on where the course would go. After the directions and the National Anthem, the starting siren went off for the 5K. The course was 2 laps which would total 5 kilometers or 3.1 miles. There were many volunteers on the course who worked as race marshals. Mrs. Ferguson was at one of the key turns, cheering every single runner! After you crossed the Mill Dam bridge and one short little hill it was a straight away to the finish line. As you were going over the finish line many people were cheering you on.

After you finished the race you could look at your time and go get snack. Mr. Tracy announced the award winners at 10:00. They started with overall winners and then oldest people to the youngest people. The 1st Wayne Elementary school student was Curtis Conner who is in 5th grade. All of the award winners and a link to overall results can be found below. This race benefits WES and raised over $2,500.

Overall Results:

********** FEMALE OVERALL RESULTS ***********

1 8020 Meredith Unger 43 19:56 19:53 6:24

********** MALE OVERALL RESULTS ***********

1 8023 Austin Conner 43 18:47 18:43 6:02

********** FEMALE KINDERGARTEN WES ***********

1 8089 Alise Kubala 5 K 38:37 38:16 12:19

********** MALE 1ST GRADE WES ***********

1 8024 Benjamin Vieira 7 1 27:40 27:40 8:55

********** FEMALE 1ST GRADE WES ***********

1 8043 Cylar O’Hayer 7 1 28:14 28:14 9:06

********** MALE 2ND GRADE WES ***********

1 8069 Patrick Fiory 7 2 25:54 25:54 8:21

********** MALE 3RD GRADE WES ***********

1 8040 Benjamin Albert 8 3 24:38 24:34 7:55

********** FEMALE 3RD GRADE WES ***********

1 8075 Nancy Wible 9 3 30:32 30:32 9:50

********** MALE 4TH GRADE WES ***********

1 8198 Connor Walsh 9 4 22:26 22:26 7:14

********** FEMALE 4TH GRADE WES ***********

1 8155 Natalie Merriam 10 4 29:06 29:03 9:21

********** MALE 5TH GRADE WES ***********

1 8022 Curtis Conner 11 5 22:03 22:03 7:06

********** FEMALE 5TH GRADE WES ***********

1 8005 Catherine Oblack 10 5 31:09 31:09 10:02


1 11 Emma Hyde 11 Wayne 22:44


1 4 Luke Bodden 12 Wayne 20:46


1 10 Kenya Kistler 33 Bryn Mawr 22:41


1 5 Dzmitry Khitrykau 38 Wayne 21:14


1 2 Meredith Unger 43 Wayne 19:56

2 9 Kim Walsh 45 Wayne 22:29


1 1 Austin Conner 43 Wayne 18:47

2 13 Duncan Gilmour 46 Wayne 22:55


1 98 Betsy Lasson 50 31:35


1 3 Nigel Davies 51 Villanova 20:25

Behold the Melon-don. The What?

By Luis Munoz

Most the fifth-grade students have done “scranimals” which are like a combo of two, sometimes three, things in one. Scranimals is a mash-up of ‘scrambled animals.’

Most of the time it is an animal and a food or two animals. For example, watermelon + megalodon = Melondon.

After they get a combo they make a poem about that animal. So, for the melondon, this is poem that I wrote.

Hope you enjoy.

Who gets up to hunt at the break of dawn,

It’s the big and ferocious Melondon

He glides through the water

and shakes the sea,

That shark is as big as a shark can be.

He waits for prey

all day and night,

That Melondon has quite a bite

His wicked grin and his toothy smile,

Make him look like the Tacodile

When you get in the water

and are about to swim,

Look out for that colossal fin

When you see that bite

in his colossal fin,

Just remember he always wins

So all because of the Melondon

please oh please

stay out of Scranimal Sea,

Because dear reader

he already ate me

If you enjoyed and you would like to try it make sure to add a drawing it is a lot of fun to draw something make believe and if you don’t want to draw it yourself ask a partner. Please try it.

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