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By Connor Walsh

Have you ever skied or snow boarded before? I have skied and it is fun and exhilarating! I have skied on six different mountains in Pennsylvania with family and friends. Starting one of these sports early will be easier than starting at an older age, because you excel rapidly.

Another great thing about skiing is you can hang out with your family. T

he Pennsylvania Ski Area Association wants more 4th and 5th graders to ski or snow board. They offer a free pass that gives you two years of skiing or snowboarding.

With this “Ski for Free” pass you get one free lesson, ski or snow board, and you get to go up to three times for free at each Pennsylvania mountain.

If you do not own equipment you can rent equipment at any resort. If you want to apply for the pass you would register at


When you are skiing you may see in person things you are learning about in school including predator and prey and the rock studies, i.e. geology.

This pass can save a lot of money because an average youth lift ticket is around $50! I think that the ski for free pass is a great idea. I hope this encouraged you to hit the slopes!

Harry Potter Trivia

By Lilah Kenny

Test your friends, test your family, test your teacher!

This trivia is a test.  Do you know about Harry Potter and his magical world?  This is not trivia about your Hogwarts house (but that is coming soon to the WES Buzz!)

On what date does the Hogwarts Express travel from King Cross Station to Hogwarts Castle?

  1. July 31
  2. August 1
  3. August 31
  4. September 1

When is Harry Potter’s birthday?

  1. July 30
  2. July 31
  3. August 1
  4. August 2

Who is the author of History of Magic?

  1. Miranda Goshawk
  2. Libatius Borage
  3. Bathilda Bagshot
  4. Elphias Doge

What is the name of the first chapter of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone?

  1. “The Letters from No one”
  2. “The Vanishing Glass”
  3. “The Boy Who Lived”
  4. “The Worst Birthday”

True or False: In the first book, Hermione Granger is the first to be sorted?

  1. True
  2. False

Answer Key

  1. On what date does the Hogwarts express travel from king cross station to Hogwarts castle?
The answer is D. September 1st
  1. When is Harry Potters Birthday?
The answer is B. July 31st
  1. Who is the author of History of Magic?
The answer is C. Bathilda Bagshot
  1. What’s the name of the first chapter of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone?
The answer is C. “The Boy Who Lived”
  1. True or False: In the first book, Hermione Granger is the first to be sorted?
The answer is B. False

Thank you for trying the trivia! Hope you had fun!

Business Desk: Apple vs. Microsoft

By: Ben Rickmond 👨‍💻

Image result for cool apple logos Image result for cool microsoft logos

This game is comparing two of some of the well-known companies ever I think you know who will win!

Company Apple Microsoft
ANNUAL REVENUE (2018) $265,595,000,000 $110,360,000,000
CEO Tim Cook Satya Nadella
Founder Steve Jobs Bill Gates
TOTAL EMPLOYEES 132,000 134,944
HEADQUARTERS Cupertino, CA Redmond, WA
STOCK PRICE AAPL (NASDAQ) $154.94 +1.87 (+1.22%) MSFT (NASDAQ) $105.38 +0.37 (+0.35%)
FUN FACT Apple has so much money, it has twice the amount of the U.S Treasury!! Microsoft employees are expected to bring M&Ms to the office to share on their work anniversaries — the tradition is one pound for every year they’ve been with the company.

Of course, Apple wins by revenue. Cool that Apple has more money than the treasury!

Did you know that Apple is the largest information technology (IT) company in the world.

Next game: The Coca Cola Company VS PepsiCo.

Image result for microsoft total employees












Business Desk: Amazon vs UPS


By Ben Rickmond

The WES Buzz is starting a new series that compares companies by their yearly revenue provided by NASDAQ, one of the largest stock exchanges.

We’ll show you: Total employees, Current CEO, Headquarters and a fun fact.  Enjoy!

ANNUAL REVENUE (2017) $177,866,000,000 $65,872,000,000
CEO Jeff Bezos (May 1996-) David P. Abney (Sep 1, 2014–)
TOTAL EMPLOYEES 613,300 434,000 (2016)
HEADQUARTERS Seattle, WA Atlanta, GA
STOCK PRICE AMZN (NASDAQ) $1,377.45 -83.38 (-5.71%) UPS (NYSE) $93.50 -0.44 (-0.47%)
FUN FACT Amazon is the world’s largest internet company by revenue. 7.9 million customers use UPS daily. UPS delivers 10,277 pieces every minute of every day, over 14.8 million a day.

As we all know Amazon wins.  Fun fact: Jeff Bezos is the richest person on the planet.

Next game: Target vs Wal-Mart







Radnor Rec B-Ball: 30 Great Years

By Connor Walsh

Tis the season to play basketball! This is the 30th season of Radnor Recreation Basketball!

Many other youth basketball players and I love this time of the year.

The first season of Radnor Rec basketball was in 1990.  That season only had 12 teams, ages 9-12 split into two divisions. The divisions were juniors ages 9-10 and the seniors were ages 11-12.  If the girls wanted to play they would sign up for the boys leagues.

According to coach and league organizer Bob Miccolis, the Radnor Rec League now has 1200 kids and 106 teams playing.

In the 30 years of Radnor Rec basketball, the league has grown, the league has dropped, and the league has stayed the same.  The league is coached mostly by parents and some high school students.

Coach Bill Hyde, my uncle, coaches the 5th-6th grade girls. Coach Bill loves seeing his kids gaining confidence and improving as a player.

“Basketball is all about FUN-damentals,” Coach Bill says.

Some of the first players now have their kids playing in the league.

Every weekend there are 54 games! If you want to learn more about Radnor Recreation Basketball, please visit

Math in Focus: What Do We Think?

By Shane Lofton

Math in Focus was introduced to WES in the 2016 – 2017 school year.  There are many opinions about Math in Focus.  First, I talked to students.

“It’s definitely an upgrade from Everyday Math [ the math program we used before ],” said Zeke Williams, fourth grader.

In fourth grade some students are having trouble with the word problems.  As a fifth grader I can tell you: you need to understand and know how to use bar models to solve the real world problems.  Bar models might be the key to doing well on units three & four in fifth grade.

If you are struggling with anything in math, I suggest Khan Academy.  It is a great free resource to use.

“The typos in Math in Focus are frustrating because different books have different answers,” said Mackenzie Rose, fifth grader.

Math in Focus teaches you why the answer is the answer and not necessarily the best way to get the answer, I think.

Next I talked to long time WES teacher Mr. Goldstein.  He has taught 4th and 5th grade at WES.

“What do you and the fifth grade teachers think about Math in Focus?” I asked.

“I like Math in Focus.  It taught me the method of teaching known as: ‘I do – we do – you do.‘  I like the emphasis on problem solving.  I like the enrichment that goes with the program.

“One thing I don’t like about Math in Focus is the lack of math games that come with the program,” he added.

I then asked him “What was the hardest thing about the transition between Everyday Math and Math in Focus.”

“Building the lessons on the Smart software, that took hours, until we got together with the RES and IES fifth grade teachers and we divided the lessons up. That was the hardest part,” Mr. Goldstein said.

Parents like Mrs. Morrison have thanked the school board and curriculum department and the teachers for all the hard work they have put in to bringing Math in Focus to WES and Radnor.  She emphasizes what an important life skill math is and how happy she is that Radnor is making sure more kids learn all their times tables in third grade.  barmodels


Elf on the Shelf: The Good, The Bad, The Sneaky!

By Mia Lista

1. The foot bath

Does your elf look uptight and need relaxation? Then I recommend this foot bath, and you will see the difference!

2.  The Adventure

These elf buddies are off on a journey across the sky! Try to find them on Christmas Eve night!

3.  The Greedy Elf?

This elf seems to be mooching off of his seeker!  The question is really, are elves REALLY all that good?!

4.  The Lazy Elf!?

These Elves are so lazy!!!!  They are probably relaxing though.

5.  Political Elf

This elf is sure to win! Be sure to give him your vote!

Guest Columnist: Santa 2018!

By Santa Claus

Special to the WES Buzz

Ho hello ho!!  Kids, I hope you have been good this year.

I have heard from my little helpers that some children have no elves in their house, like Leah Zhang who is in 4th grade Mrs. Crowe’s class and Danby Morrison in Mrs. Barnes’ class.

I think they should go out and get themselves an elf (you can find them at Target).

But some of my elves have been a little wacky lately.  For example:

These elves are crazy!

But, they have a point.  They don’t want you to play too much PS4 or XBOX.  They think you should do your homework. They have been to school, and they know it’s important!

SEE!  If you are on the naughty list, you better watch out!  I have been looking (when I haven’t been eating more cookies –don’t tell Mrs. Claus).

I’m fun but don’t get in trouble kids.  Remember I still have the list out.

I was on Instagram the other day taking pictures and posting away, and I got in trouble with Mrs. Claus.  She said that I need to finish my delivery plans! Same goes for video games, Facebook, Snapchat!

So have a fun Christmas! Have a holly jolly Christmas! See you on Christmas eve!  PS:  Watch out for those elves!

WES Craft Night

By Ben Rickmond👨‍💻

One of our wildly popular WES events is: Craft Night!

Craft night this year is on Dec. 12th at 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm.  Craft Night is a PTO event. All WES students may come. You can buy tickets at the door. This event is in the little theater and cafeteria. There is a huge variety of awesome holiday crafts to choose from! Perfect for easy winter holiday giving.

My favorite crafts are the super popular cookie mix, the decorate your own bag, and the make your own ornament!

I was interested in learning more about craft night.  Mrs. Mackenzie and Mrs. Richter are the co-chairs for craft night.  Mrs. Mackenzie was very nice to answer some questions for me, I hope that you have fun learning more about craft night.


Q. What is the busiest table?
A. “Cookie mix, without a doubt.”


Q. How long has Craft Night been a tradition at WES?
A. “No one knew for sure, but a teacher who’s been at WES for many years guessed that the first Craft Night was in 2003. If that’s true, it’s our 15th anniversary!”


Q. How many crafts are there?
A. “This year there are ten crafts. Some old favorites and some that are brand new! The Community Outreach Committee has a table and so does the Multicultural Committee, who will be making Spanish windmills since Spain is the country WES is studying this school year.”


Q. Where do you get the supplies for craft night?
A. “The great thing about Craft Night is that it is a group effort! As Craft Night Chairs, Jess Richter and I found ten Table Leaders. A few Table Leaders were assigned crafts and a few others chose crafts they’ve done before. It is up to the Table Leaders to get all the supplies needed to complete about 200 crafts.”


Q. How many volunteers do you need for the Craft Night?
A. “We suggest 2-3 volunteers at each table at all times. Sometimes volunteers will work the entire hour and a half, sometimes they will take shifts. The Table Leaders staff their own tables. We also have volunteers who sell tickets and volunteers who patrol the hallways. Some Table Leaders are relying on older siblings to help out! I would guess we will use approximately 40 volunteers by the end of the night.”

I hope you enjoyed learning about craft night. Bye for now!

Craft night site:




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