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The Otter Experience

By Julia😸😸

Have you ever fed an otter? I have, and my dad and I got to see up them up close and feed them!

Over the summer, my dad and I went to see and feed the giant otters at the Philadelphia Zoo. My grandfather bought the otter experience for me as a birthday present because otters are my favorite animal.

First, the zookeeper introduced us to two of the otters and then showed us how to feed them fish with tongs. There were five people in our group. We stuck the tongs through the fence, and the otters raced for the fish. The otters made a lot of noise. Later we watched the otters go down a slide and into the water. If you want to feed otters yourself, you can go to the Philadelphia Zoo’s website and book an otter experience. I highly recommend it!


Figure Skating: Meet Alysa Liu & Nathan Chen

By Leah Zhang 😉

The national figure skating championship just ended.  Famous skaters compete.

Two of them are the youngest skater ever to compete & the quad jump champion. That would be the 13-year old, Alysa Liu, and Nathen Chen!



Alysa Liu                             Nathan Chen

Alysa Liu is 13 years old, but is the youngest ever to win the ladies figure skating gold medal. She started at age five.  Alysa also has a smile. She says that she wants something to be recognized from her, like the smile. It also helps her think of the positives instead of the negatives. She is still too young to be in the Olympics, even though she thinks that age doesn’t matter. It’s the skill that counts. Alysa is in 9th grade and doesn’t really like candy.  She said that she is more of a “salty” snacker.

Alysa’s coach, Laura Lipetsky, is working on Alysa’s moves & improving step by step, day by day, and sometimes if you do triple jumps when you are young, you can lose that ability when your body grows & changes.

Nathan Chen started when he was three, in his sister’s white skates. And in 2003, when he was four, he entered his first competition. But now, he is 19 years old and is enrolled at Yale.  He also loves basketball. Last year, he messed up. He fell like 3-4 times each performance, except for the last one. That mainly brought his score up. He also looked nervous & shaky.  Nathan is also the first person to ever land a quad, (four turns around) in the Olympics!

So he can be called Nathan Chen, or The Quad King. Nathan was the youngest men to win a gold medal in the men’s figure skate.  He was 18 years old. Plus he never gives up.


What about you? Who is your favorite?


Reading Olympics at WES

By Mackenzie Rose 



The meetings are Monday before school.  The sign up is in September and the first meeting is later in the fall.   Mrs. Dahlstrom in the library can give you all the details any time.  

There is a list of 45 books.  Everyone must read at least 5 books.  There are three teams, each with two captains.  When practicing for the competition, the captains have the responsibility of nominating someone to answer a question. 

Every year there is a competition in early April, this year it is April 1-3.  Almost 200 schools participate every year in a county-wide competition.

This year the club at WES has 31 kids participating. In the first group, Gabby & Amelia are the team captains of the TROPICAL BLUE team. Eeshan & Vivian are the team captains of the RED team. And last but not least, Tate & Emily are the team captains for the MAROON team.  

I hope that this article gets you excited about reading and gives you the courage to apply to Reading Olympics when you are old enough. 

Editor’s Note:  In 2016, Radnor hosted Reading Olympics, check out the story about that here 



Business Desk: AT&T vs. Verizon

By Ben Rickmond 😀

Today we are comparing the two biggest telephone companies: AT&T and Verizon. Verizon is so annoying, because they have SO many ads.

FUN FACT: AT&T is the largest telephone company by revenue.

Verizon employees volunteered 53,500 working days (428,000 hours) to help nonprofits in local communities in 2013.

I am a little surprised that AT&T won by revenue. My family uses AT&T and Verizon. I’m surprised because Verizon dose so much ads, money saving deals, free phones if you switch. You’d think they’d get a lot of money. I was wrong.

Next game: HP vs. IBM








WES Clubs Spotlight: Spelling Bee

By Danby G. Morrison

One of the newest clubs for this year at Wayne Elementary School is Spelling Bee club. A fun club for grades 3-5.  The Spelling Bee club is run by Anika Fernandes’ mom Ms. Deborupa Mitra, 2nd grade teacher Ms. Kern, and Mrs. Gale Morrison.

Each week the group meets up on Monday in room 54, and each week they learn about a different culture’s words. For example, one week, the group learned about Asian words (Chinese, Japanese, etc.). They also learn about different types of words, like one week they studied old English. Some of the words for old English are fathom, widow, and maybe shrubbery.   The Bee gets help from Scripps and Merriam-Webster creating guides about all of these words.

At the end of every club meeting, the group has a ‘say, spell, say’ game. There’s the 3rd grade line, the 4th grade line, and the 5th grade line. If you’re in the 3rd or 4th grade line, you have the option to move up to the next grade line if you spell the word right.

Great news!  They recently had their club spelling bee, and the top two winners who moved on to the county spelling bee are, drumroll please………………………………………………………………ANIKA FERNANDES AND JULIA RICHARDSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So, congratulations to them.

I just want to give a huge shout out to Julia and Anika because they did amazing at the bee on Februay 23, 2019!   They faced competition from ten other schools and students were from 3rd to 8th graders.  The county winners face off at the state level, and that winner travels to Washington, DC, for the national Bee.

Arts Desk: A Night at Ballet X

By Danby G. Morrison 

I went to Philadelphia on a Saturday night in December to the Wilma Theatre to see Ballet X, an unexplainably beautiful show.

There were three measures of the dance, the first measure was a newly created one called Yonder, a piece describing hopes and dreams and it was lovely the way they move on the stage so calmly but rapidly.

The second piece was about the Titanic, it was called The Last Lifeboat, it’s about a lady who survived on the Titanic, and they played an actual tape of her voice! She’s dead now, though.

The last measure was about a Napoleon king who people didn’t really respect.  The 3rd measure was very wacky, loud, and fast.

But in the end, it was all magnificent!  


Editor’s Note:  The BalletX spring season opens Wednesday March 6, 2019.   Tickets and information are available via

Author Candace Fleming Comes to WES

By Danby Morrison

The author we’ve been hearing about for days, the special author who came to the assembly for this year’s 2018-19 author assembly, the author who brought ‘Strongheart’ back to society — CANDACE FLEMING!!!

Candace Fleming is the author of a lot of people’s favorite recent book that we shared and read: Ben Franklin’s in my Bathroom, a fun, historical, and humorous book about two kids, Nolin and Olive Stanberry who get a mysterious gadget-thing and it magically brings back Benjamin Franklin from the 1700s.

Anyway, before the big author assembly, where all 600 students came in the Little Theater and saw Candace Fleming, a group of lucky 4th and 5th grade students got to have lunch with Candace Fleming inside the conference room, inside the library!

Lunch was Thursday, January 24, 2019.    She told us she is planning to write a book about Elvis Presley.

My favorite of the two books I read by Candace Fleming is Strongheart: Wonderdog of The Silverscreen.  Many of you remember both at the lunch and at the assembly, that Candace Fleming told us about a book she once read by the fireplace with her dog, Oxford a.k.a Obnoxford (lol), at her side.  The book was called Rin Tin Tin, a biography about the most famous original Hollywood actor dog by Susan Orlean. One of the most interesting facts about the book Rin Tin Tin is that, for maybe a paragraph or two, Susan Orlean explained that Rin Tin Tin was, in fact, not the first Hollywood-famous dog.  Fleming explained that Susan Orlean mentioned in her book about a dog named Strongheart, the actual first dog that became an actor in the late 1920s and was born right outside of Berlin, Germany.

So, basically, this man named Larry Tremble was looking for the perfect dog to star in his movie The Silent Call, to try something different for his movies, he looked all over the world just to find the perfect dog, but none of them seemed right, then, he finally went to a place near Berlin, Germany.  Now, Larry Tremble wanted a cool, actor-dog name, not like Strongheart’s original name, Edsel, so Larry thought to himself:  How about Strongheart?

Now keep in mind, if you were reading Strongheart in the library with Mrs. Dahlstrom, you’d know that Edsel was raised at a police dog station, so when Larry first met him, he was a little rough around the edges.  He barked a lot and growled sometimes.  But Larry trained him to become a nice, loyal dog, and it worked!

Fiction Short Story: Valentine’s Day

A Story by Mia Lista

One day, a special day, was here. It was VALENTINE’S DAY!

Every child in Ms. Molly’s class was excited. They all were excited for the card exchange. But Ted, of course, was excited for the candy, like always. During the class party they ate a cake shaped like a heart with strawberry frosting. Then, they played a party game to pin the arrow on the heart. After that, they passed out candy.

Ted got two pieces from each person because they knew he loved food. But he still felt empty inside. He watched from afar as the other kids exchanged cards. “I had been so focused on candy I forgot to be nice.” He thought. He almost exploded when he got one idea. ”I’ll throw them a party!”

He was at Mrs. Molly’s desk before he could change his mind. “TED, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN??!!? We have all been looking for you to give you your Valentines.”

“Wha…?” Ted asked.

Just then his friends gave him Valentines and it was the best Valentine’s Day.





Harry Potter Jokes


By Lilah Kenny

Hey guys!! Are you ready for some Harry Potter jokes?

You may have read other pieces of mine! Like my Hogwarts House Quiz: Which House Are You?  Or my Harry Potter Trivia!

Well you may already know — I 💗 love Harry Potter!

I’ve read all the books and seen all the movies! It’s my favorite book series! Enough about me, let me tell you some Harry Potter jokes!!!!!!!😄

Q. How do wizards make an omelet?

  1. Egg-spelliarmus!


Q. How does a wizard unlock their phone?

  1. Alohomora!


Q. How do you ask a magical question?

  1. Just Accio.


Q. What should tests at Hogwarts be called?

  1. Quizards.


Q. What do you get if you cross the author of Harry Potter and Professor Lupin?

  1. J.K. Howling.


Q. Did you know that Dumbledore was a brain surgeon?

  1. Yep, he was a real head master.


Q. What’s Professor Lupin’s favorite holiday?

  1. Howl-o-ween.

By the way I got some of my favorite jokes from the Unofficial Harry Potter Joke Book! It’s really a good book!

OK! Hope you like the Harry Potter Jokes!!!!

Hey WES Readers!   The WES library has ALL the Harry Potter books!  Be sure to ask Mrs. Dahlstrom and Mrs. Byrne about checking them out if you are interested.  Then write us YOUR review of the book you read!  



Which Hogwarts House Are You? Take this WES Buzz Quiz to Find Out!

By Lilah Kenny & Leah Zhang

What is your Hogwarts house? This quiz will show you your Hogwarts house!

Will you be Hufflepuff which values hard work, patience, and loyalty?  Or, will you be Gryffindor who values courage, bravery, and kindness?  Ravenclaw values wit, learning, and wisdom, and Slytherin values are proud, ambitious, and cunning.

Which do you want to be in?  Will your prediction be right?

Read on to learn more about your house!!!! 😄

QUESTION 1: Which pet would you bring to Hogwarts?

  1. An Owl 🦉
  2. A Rat 🐀
  3. A Cat 🐈
  4. A Toad 🐸


QUESTION 2: Who would be your best friend?

  1. Hermione Granger 💗
  2. Luna Lovegood 💜
  3. Draco Malfoy 💚
  4. Cedric Diggory 💛


QUESTION 3: Who would be your favorite teacher?

  1. Professor Minerva McGonagall 🐈
  2. Professor Filius Flitwick 🌟
  3. Professor Pomona Sprout 🐼
  4. Professor Severus Snape 🐍


QUESTION 4: What would be your favorite subject?

  1. Transfiguration 🐺
  2. Charms ⭐
  3. Herbology 🌿
  4. Potions 🔮


QUESTION 5: Which magical wand core would you want?

  1. Unicorn hair 🦄
  2. Phoenix feather
  3. Dragon heart string🐲
  4. Hippogriff feather


QUESTION 6: Which magical creature would you ride?

  1. Buckbeak the hippogriff
  2. Theresal
  3. Dragon 🐲
  4. Centaur


QUESTION 7: Which type of food will you choose?

A. Pudding 🍫

B. Pumpkin Pasties🥞

C. Tentacle Tart🍰

D. Tomato Soup 🍅

Question 1 A = Gryffindor! B= Hufflepuff! C= Ravenclaw! D= Slytherin!
Question 2 A= Gryffindor! B= Ravenclaw C= Slytherin! D= Hufflepuff!
Question 3 A= Gryffindor! B= Ravenclaw C= Hufflepuff! D= Slytherin!
Question 4 A= Gryffindor! B= Ravenclaw C= Hufflepuff! D= Slytherin!
Question 5 A= Ravenclaw! B= Gryffindor! C= Slytherin! D= Hufflepuff!
Question 6 A= Hufflepuff! B= Gryffindor! C= Slytherin! D= Ravenclaw!
Question 7 A= Hufflepuff! B= Ravenclaw C= Gryffindor! D= Slytherin!

So, did you get Hufflepuff? Gryffindor? Slytherin? Or Ravenclaw?

Be honest.

Leah is Ravenclaw from the test! And Lilah got Gryffindor and Ravenclaw!

We hope that you guys enjoyed!!!!!!!!!!!!😋😋😍😍

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