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Mrs. Ferguson, our WES Principal

By Ruth Taguma and Leah Zhang

Mrs. Ferguson always comes in early to school and goes straight to emails.  Then she checks the classes and goes out to see staff and students when school starts.  She is responsible for everything in the school.

She says her favorite kind of heel for a shoe is the wedge, because they are really comfortable.

She has two children, a boy named Ryan and a girl named Lauren.  Ryan is 25 and Lauren is 21.

Mrs. Ferguson doesn’t speak any other languages right now, but she wants to change that!  Learning a different language is one of her goals.

She loves to read mystery books and history books.

Her favorite place to be is the Shore.   She loves to listen to the waves.


Players Excel During Third Grade Football

By Zeke Williams


Lately in football everybody has been playing very well.  Competition has been great, with eight students playing each day.

The offense has been great for both teams, with both teams having a lot of rushing and passing yards.   There have been a couple of kids getting well over 50 receiving yards.  Rushing yards have been amazing, too, with a lot of kids getting over 75 yards!

So far, the longest throw ever thrown was a Hail Mary at the end of the a game.  That pass was thrown for 75 yards AND IT WAS TO WIN THE GAME!

There have been only two injuries so far, a mouth injury and a wrist injury.  More kids have gotten hurt playing basketball than football!  But a lot of kids don’t get the point that it is touch football!   That’s where the injuries come from.

The teams have been sort of unbalanced, but those teams that are the underdogs often step it up and get the win.  That’s the third grade football update for this week.  Thanks for reading.

Be sure to check back for more Sports stories!

Get to Know Mr. Savage

By Orlaith A. Dill and Elise Flanagan

In our interview with Mr. Savage we got to know him a lot more than we normally would just walking down the halls of Wayne Elementary.  Other than his usual friendly and helpful self, we learned a lot more of what makes Mr. Savage tick.

Mr. Savage’s favorite subject is leadership, which makes sense since he is the assistant principal. We asked him what he likes most about being assistant principal, and he said, “Everything!”

We Mr. Savage in the lobby of the secondary classrooms for about 20-30 minutes. The conversation was very informative and funny. Here are some examples of things we learned.

One of the most important things we learned is that he wrote a song called “Everyday You” for his wife. That shows that he is very caring and kind.

He told us he enjoys being the Assistant Principal at WES, but he misses seeing every class once a week like he did when he taught music. He didn’t think about being a teacher when he was growing up, he wanted to be a justice on the Supreme Court.

His favorite sports team is the Philadelphia Eagles, his favorite instrument is the saxophone, his favorite teacher growing up was Mr. Dennick, and his favorite thing about his new job is the kids. He loves helping kids be better students.

We found out that Mr. Savage has a family with three children and no pets.

The funniest thing we learned was when we asked him what he likes to do in his free time and Mr. Savage said, “learn to play golf and video games.”

Those are some of the things we learned about Mr. Savage.

We loved getting to know Mr. Savage a little more and we hope you did too!


Soccer at WES, a tradition

By Connor Walsh

Soccer is a very popular sport at WES.

I am in third grade and I love playing myself.  Many of my friends do too.

Last year, soccer was so popular that the second graders came up with the “2nd Grade Cup.”   It was a playoff of all the classes.

Hogan Wendt is a third grader in Mrs. Esposito’s class.  Hogan said, “I created the second grade cup.  The cup gave all the classes a chance to play soccer.”

After talking to students in all grades at WES, I learned not many girls play soccer at recess.  Some one should organize a game so girls can play soccer.

Soccer allows people to make new friends and exercise your body.  Hopefully, that great tradition continues.



Ice Cream Flavors

By: Danby G. Morrison

Oh, ice cream flavors.

The old classic vanilla,

the second flavor chocolate,

the third favorite strawberry,

cookie dough, butter pecan, cookies ‘n’ cream,

a favorite, Funfetti,

the new flavor Birch Beer,

all the flavors

and one is your favorite,

and you can pick it!

Morning City, Night City

By Danby Morrison

Morning City

Morning city,

pink clouds like cotton candy,

the sound of cars,

and the cool air from outside,

and the early bird flying into the sun,

as it’s barely rising.

All the things in the morning city

are things we are lucky to have.

Night City

Night city,

twinkling lights,

lighthouse lights

the sound of honking cars

and the building lights like stars

you lie there looking at the city

and you think

this is very pretty.

The Buzz on Mrs. Gallagher

By: Lilah Kenny☺

I interviewed Ms. Gallagher (the school’s art teacher) and I asked her what she thinks of Wayne Elementary School. She says that our school “ROCKS!” She also said that this school is caring and friendly.

Ms. Gallagher has made lots of new friends at WES! For instance, whenever she needs to ask a question she goes to Mrs. Fields or Mrs. Dahlstrom, who are happy to help.

When Ms. Gallagher is not teaching art, she enjoys teaching kick boxing. When I asked if she wasn’t teaching what else she might be doing, she replied she would be a football player or coach. She was a cheerleader when she was younger, and her family loves football.

I asked Ms. Gallagher how she got into art. She replied her parents are artists and they encouraged her to be herself and be creative.

Ms. Gallagher is from New Jersey, but recently moved close by. She likes Jules Pizza and the Chinese restaurants in Wayne.

She has three birds that are named after the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES. She has all of them except for Donatello. Her favorite is Mikey because he likes skateboarding and pizza.

We are so glad that Ms. Gallagher came to Wayne Elementary School. Welcome, we love that you are here! ☺

A First Grader View of Book Fair

By: Lilah Kenny☺

I asked a 1st Grader what book at the book fair will sell the most. The 1st Grader said that the new Chicken Squad book would sell the most. And he was right!

Also, he said that the boys would love the Dino Dancing book. He said it was amazing, the boys tackled each other for that book. And he said that the girls would love the new Princess in Black book. He said that the girls were pulling and tugging on the last copy.

Also he predicted nobody would like the book: The Good for Nothing Button because it doesn’t make any sense. He was correct!

And he said the girls would not like the Rabbit & Robot book, and nobody bought it. He predicted the boys would not like the new Fly Guy book, because it’s not popular any more, it’s “out of the window.”

I asked the 1st Grader his opinion on the very best. He said that Super Turbo was his favorite on his list. He also said that Creepy Underwear is too creepy. And I happen to agree.

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10 Fun and Surprising Facts About Bees

Get to know the amazing insect that inspired our school mascot, Wes.

By Tate Marcinkoski

  1. Everybody is familiar with the honeybee and bumblebee, but there are actually more than 20,000 different species of bees on the planet.
  2. Bees are a bit like us: They can recognize human faces the same way we do.
  3. They have their own unique personalities. Some are brave and love adventure, while others are shy and like to stay close to the hive.
  4. What’s the buzz? The loud noise you hear when a bee approaches is the sound of its wings moving 11,400 strokes per minute.
  5. Bees can fly for up to six miles, as fast as 15 miles per hour. To
  6. produce a single pound of honey, bees would have to fly 90,000 miles or three times around the world. Let’s hope their passports are up-to-date!
  7. So you think you can dance? Well, bees can. They communicate with each other by dancing — what scientists call a “waggle.”
  8. Talk about hard work! An average bee only produces 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey in its entire lifetime.
  9. Bees have a super power: They can see ultra-violet rays.
  10. Sadly, for the first time in history, a bee species — the rusty patched bumblebee — was added to the U.S. endangered species list this year.
  11. Bees could be Starbucks’ newest customers. Scientists have discovered that bees love and are attracted to the caffeine released by plants, which helps them with their pollination work.

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