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Theater: Harry Potter and The Cursed Child, Parts One and Two

By Ben Rickmond   

I recently went to see a Broadway Play in New York called Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. It is a multi-location play sequel to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I went on August 4th. The theater is called the Lyric Theater in Manhattan. You also can see this play in London, Melbourne, San Francisco, Hamburg, or Toronto. The playwright was Jack Thorne. The director was John Tiffany. J.K. Rowling helped write the original story. The Broadway version of the play donated 1,500 tickets to Lumos, a charity that J.K. Rowling founded to support children in orphanages. 

This play has two parts, both about 2 hours and 40 mins with a 20 minute intermission each. You can see both parts in one day, or you can see Part One and then Part Two the next day. I saw both in one day. There was just enough time between parts to eat dinner if you choose to do it in one day. We ate at a sit-down burger place called 5 Napkin Burger. (I only got one napkin, but the food was delicious.) 

The Lyric theater had a multi-million-dollar renovation so it could be more Harry-like. The carpet on the theater steps has the new Hogwarts logo (see below). The theater was more stylish, and the lobby was better suited to the play. There are three seating options: Balcony, Dress Circle and Orchestra. I sat in Dress Circle Center. (There isn’t an orchestra, all sounds and off stage talking are done via speakers.) I can’t tell you about the script/play because Rowling is encouraging everyone to #keepthesecrets. I won’t tell you much. You can buy the script book on Amazon, etc.  I suggest reading the entire series before reading or seeing the play or else you will have spoilers.  

This play is very thorough with all the special effects. It feels very magical! I really enjoyed the play itself, with the special effects and the dramatic/scary scenes. Some parts were pretty intense which might scare little kids. They recommended age on Ticketmaster for kids is 10 and up (you can still go.) It was quite a long time to sit, but it was definitely worth it. I highly recommend it. 

Thank you for reading and have a good school year! You can buy tickets @  

Photo: Cursed Child Store.
Photo: Krome Body


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