WES People

All About Ms. Tract

By Lilah Kenny

Ms. Tract is one of the great aides at this school. She is kind and caring, and super sweet!  Because she cares about us and if you don’t believe me by now then you should learn some more about Ms. TRACT!

· Favorite Color: Minty Green

· Favorite Pet: Her dog, Karl

· Favorite thing to do in the summer: Go to the beach

· If she could do another job what it would be: Helping cheer up sick kids in hospitals.

· Who is your best friend at Wayne?  Mr. Towle and Mr.White

· Why do you like Wayne Elementary School? Everyone is extremely nice.

· What’s your favorite animal? Whales!

· What do you do in your free time?  Play with Karl!

So, what do you think of Ms. Tract?

I love her and I think she is a great aid. And when you get in fifth grade ,you will love her too. Well I better end now, or I would be talking about how amazing Ms. Tract is for an hour.  Bye!

The author Lilah Kenny with Ms. Tract. Unfortunately, Karl is not pictured. 🙂

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