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Gaming Scene: Sea of Thieves

By Luca Strid

Ever wanted to be a pirate? Well today is the day! It’s on Xbox and PC.

What can you do in this game? You can sell chests and defeat skeletons. You have a ship and you can set sail with your friends. You and your friends can try to become pirate legends!

And the one-year anniversary content is coming up! So, grab your controller and get started. Also, you can get weapon skins for your eye of reach, sailors blunderbuss and sailors pistol.  There are skeletons forts where you can kill skeletons and to get the key to the vault you must defeat the skeleton captain.

You can buy outfits and you can buy paint for your ship. There are kraken and megalodon. You can also shoot people out of cannons.

Thanks for taking your time to read this!

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