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Movie Review: West Side Story, a Classic!

By Danby G. Morrison

A lot of people I know haven’t really watched any old movies, they’ve been watching modern movies, like the new movie based on the ’70’s band Queen, called Bohemian Rhapsody.

But not a lot of people remember movies from the early ’60’s, like one of the most classic of all time: West Side Story. West Side Story is a classic movie based on Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. 

The movie is about two rival groups, the Jets and the Sharks.  The Jets are a huge street gang of Americans who have taken down every one of their rivals, and are eager to take down the Puerto Ricans that are the Sharks.  The Sharks are a new gang of foreign kids who just moved to America, and they are determined to survive against the Jets big crowd. The town officers want the groups to get along, especially Officer Krupke.

Officer Krupke really wants them to get along, I think because he doesn’t want the police station to find out about the rival groups.

So, there’s a huge dance, and all teens from both of the street gangs are welcome!  The people hosting want the girls and the boys to dance together from different groups and be friends for the whole night. But the kids just want to stick to their own kind. As all the couples are dancing, everything in the movie slows down, it gets darker (special effects) and Maria, a beautiful girl from the Sharks, stands all the way on the other side of the room, opposite from one of the most popular Jets, Tony.

The lights go down low, every other person starts dancing, and Maria and Tony slowly come together. They dance together, and right as the moment is about to happen, Maria’s brother Bernardo stops them and pull’s Maria away, shouting, “Stay away from my sister!”  Bernardo yells at Tony. “Goodbye, Maria”, Tony said.  It was sad for them to leave each other.


  1. Prologue, (Johnny Green)
  2. Jet Song (Russ Tamblyn, Tucker Smith, and others)
  3. Something’s Coming (Jimmy Bryant)
  4. Dance at the Gym (Johnny Green)
  5. Maria (Jimmy Green)
  6. America (Rita Moreno, George Chakiris, and others)
  7. Tonight (Marni Nixon, Jimmy Bryant)
  8. Gee Officer Krupke (Russ Tamblyn, David Winters, and others)
  9. I Feel Pretty (Marni Nixon, Yvonne Wilder, and others)
  10. One Hand, One Heart (Marni Nixon, Jimmy Bryant)
  11. Quintet (Rita Moreno GeorgeChakiris, and others)
  12. The Rumble (Johnny Green)
  13. Cool (Tucker Smith)
  14. A Boy Like That/ I Have a Love (Marni Nixon, Betty Wand)
  1. Somewhere (Marni Nixon, Jimmy Bryant)westsidestory

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