Book Reviews

Author Candace Fleming Comes to WES

By Danby Morrison

The author we’ve been hearing about for days, the special author who came to the assembly for this year’s 2018-19 author assembly, the author who brought ‘Strongheart’ back to society — CANDACE FLEMING!!!

Candace Fleming is the author of a lot of people’s favorite recent book that we shared and read: Ben Franklin’s in my Bathroom, a fun, historical, and humorous book about two kids, Nolin and Olive Stanberry who get a mysterious gadget-thing and it magically brings back Benjamin Franklin from the 1700s.

Anyway, before the big author assembly, where all 600 students came in the Little Theater and saw Candace Fleming, a group of lucky 4th and 5th grade students got to have lunch with Candace Fleming inside the conference room, inside the library!

Lunch was Thursday, January 24, 2019.    She told us she is planning to write a book about Elvis Presley.

My favorite of the two books I read by Candace Fleming is Strongheart: Wonderdog of The Silverscreen.  Many of you remember both at the lunch and at the assembly, that Candace Fleming told us about a book she once read by the fireplace with her dog, Oxford a.k.a Obnoxford (lol), at her side.  The book was called Rin Tin Tin, a biography about the most famous original Hollywood actor dog by Susan Orlean. One of the most interesting facts about the book Rin Tin Tin is that, for maybe a paragraph or two, Susan Orlean explained that Rin Tin Tin was, in fact, not the first Hollywood-famous dog.  Fleming explained that Susan Orlean mentioned in her book about a dog named Strongheart, the actual first dog that became an actor in the late 1920s and was born right outside of Berlin, Germany.

So, basically, this man named Larry Tremble was looking for the perfect dog to star in his movie The Silent Call, to try something different for his movies, he looked all over the world just to find the perfect dog, but none of them seemed right, then, he finally went to a place near Berlin, Germany.  Now, Larry Tremble wanted a cool, actor-dog name, not like Strongheart’s original name, Edsel, so Larry thought to himself:  How about Strongheart?

Now keep in mind, if you were reading Strongheart in the library with Mrs. Dahlstrom, you’d know that Edsel was raised at a police dog station, so when Larry first met him, he was a little rough around the edges.  He barked a lot and growled sometimes.  But Larry trained him to become a nice, loyal dog, and it worked!

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