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Fiction Short Story: Valentine’s Day

A Story by Mia Lista

One day, a special day, was here. It was VALENTINE’S DAY!

Every child in Ms. Molly’s class was excited. They all were excited for the card exchange. But Ted, of course, was excited for the candy, like always. During the class party they ate a cake shaped like a heart with strawberry frosting. Then, they played a party game to pin the arrow on the heart. After that, they passed out candy.

Ted got two pieces from each person because they knew he loved food. But he still felt empty inside. He watched from afar as the other kids exchanged cards. “I had been so focused on candy I forgot to be nice.” He thought. He almost exploded when he got one idea. ”I’ll throw them a party!”

He was at Mrs. Molly’s desk before he could change his mind. “TED, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN??!!? We have all been looking for you to give you your Valentines.”

“Wha…?” Ted asked.

Just then his friends gave him Valentines and it was the best Valentine’s Day.





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