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Harry Potter Jokes


By Lilah Kenny

Hey guys!! Are you ready for some Harry Potter jokes?

You may have read other pieces of mine! Like my Hogwarts House Quiz: Which House Are You?  Or my Harry Potter Trivia!

Well you may already know — I 💗 love Harry Potter!

I’ve read all the books and seen all the movies! It’s my favorite book series! Enough about me, let me tell you some Harry Potter jokes!!!!!!!😄

Q. How do wizards make an omelet?

  1. Egg-spelliarmus!


Q. How does a wizard unlock their phone?

  1. Alohomora!


Q. How do you ask a magical question?

  1. Just Accio.


Q. What should tests at Hogwarts be called?

  1. Quizards.


Q. What do you get if you cross the author of Harry Potter and Professor Lupin?

  1. J.K. Howling.


Q. Did you know that Dumbledore was a brain surgeon?

  1. Yep, he was a real head master.


Q. What’s Professor Lupin’s favorite holiday?

  1. Howl-o-ween.

By the way I got some of my favorite jokes from the Unofficial Harry Potter Joke Book! It’s really a good book!

OK! Hope you like the Harry Potter Jokes!!!!

Hey WES Readers!   The WES library has ALL the Harry Potter books!  Be sure to ask Mrs. Dahlstrom and Mrs. Byrne about checking them out if you are interested.  Then write us YOUR review of the book you read!  



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