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Business Desk:Target VS Walmart

By: Ben Rickmond 👨‍💻

In Game No.2, we are comparing some of the most popular stores Target and Walmart. Isn’t it cool that there is a target in Wayne now!

Company  Target Walmart 
ANNUAL REVENUE (2018) $71,879,000,000  $500,343,000,000 
CEO Brian Cornell Doug McMillon 
TOTAL EMPLOYEES 345,000 1.5 million, U.S. (2017) 
HEADQUARTERS Minneapolis, Minnesota Bentonville, Arkansas 
STOCK PRICE  TGT (NYSE) $65.53 -0.91 (-1.37%)  WMT (NYSE) $92.86 -0.48 (-0.51%) 
FUNFACT Did you know that Target helped restore the Washington Monument? It cost 6 million dollars.    Walmart is the largest private employer in the world with 2.3 million employees worldwide.  

I’m surprised that Walmart won by
revenue . I barely shop at Walmart and tons more at target. I hope you enjoyed.  

Next game: Apple VS Microsoft. 

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