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Radnor Rec B-Ball: 30 Great Years

By Connor Walsh

Tis the season to play basketball! This is the 30th season of Radnor Recreation Basketball!

Many other youth basketball players and I love this time of the year.

The first season of Radnor Rec basketball was in 1990.  That season only had 12 teams, ages 9-12 split into two divisions. The divisions were juniors ages 9-10 and the seniors were ages 11-12.  If the girls wanted to play they would sign up for the boys leagues.

According to coach and league organizer Bob Miccolis, the Radnor Rec League now has 1200 kids and 106 teams playing.

In the 30 years of Radnor Rec basketball, the league has grown, the league has dropped, and the league has stayed the same.  The league is coached mostly by parents and some high school students.

Coach Bill Hyde, my uncle, coaches the 5th-6th grade girls. Coach Bill loves seeing his kids gaining confidence and improving as a player.

“Basketball is all about FUN-damentals,” Coach Bill says.

Some of the first players now have their kids playing in the league.

Every weekend there are 54 games! If you want to learn more about Radnor Recreation Basketball, please visit

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