Guest Columnist: Santa 2018!

By Santa Claus

Special to the WES Buzz

Ho hello ho!!  Kids, I hope you have been good this year.

I have heard from my little helpers that some children have no elves in their house, like Leah Zhang who is in 4th grade Mrs. Crowe’s class and Danby Morrison in Mrs. Barnes’ class.

I think they should go out and get themselves an elf (you can find them at Target).

But some of my elves have been a little wacky lately.  For example:

These elves are crazy!

But, they have a point.  They don’t want you to play too much PS4 or XBOX.  They think you should do your homework. They have been to school, and they know it’s important!

SEE!  If you are on the naughty list, you better watch out!  I have been looking (when I haven’t been eating more cookies –don’t tell Mrs. Claus).

I’m fun but don’t get in trouble kids.  Remember I still have the list out.

I was on Instagram the other day taking pictures and posting away, and I got in trouble with Mrs. Claus.  She said that I need to finish my delivery plans! Same goes for video games, Facebook, Snapchat!

So have a fun Christmas! Have a holly jolly Christmas! See you on Christmas eve!  PS:  Watch out for those elves!

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