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WES Craft Night

By Ben Rickmond👨‍💻

One of our wildly popular WES events is: Craft Night!

Craft night this year is on Dec. 12th at 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm.  Craft Night is a PTO event. All WES students may come. You can buy tickets at the door. This event is in the little theater and cafeteria. There is a huge variety of awesome holiday crafts to choose from! Perfect for easy winter holiday giving.

My favorite crafts are the super popular cookie mix, the decorate your own bag, and the make your own ornament!

I was interested in learning more about craft night.  Mrs. Mackenzie and Mrs. Richter are the co-chairs for craft night.  Mrs. Mackenzie was very nice to answer some questions for me, I hope that you have fun learning more about craft night.


Q. What is the busiest table?
A. “Cookie mix, without a doubt.”


Q. How long has Craft Night been a tradition at WES?
A. “No one knew for sure, but a teacher who’s been at WES for many years guessed that the first Craft Night was in 2003. If that’s true, it’s our 15th anniversary!”


Q. How many crafts are there?
A. “This year there are ten crafts. Some old favorites and some that are brand new! The Community Outreach Committee has a table and so does the Multicultural Committee, who will be making Spanish windmills since Spain is the country WES is studying this school year.”


Q. Where do you get the supplies for craft night?
A. “The great thing about Craft Night is that it is a group effort! As Craft Night Chairs, Jess Richter and I found ten Table Leaders. A few Table Leaders were assigned crafts and a few others chose crafts they’ve done before. It is up to the Table Leaders to get all the supplies needed to complete about 200 crafts.”


Q. How many volunteers do you need for the Craft Night?
A. “We suggest 2-3 volunteers at each table at all times. Sometimes volunteers will work the entire hour and a half, sometimes they will take shifts. The Table Leaders staff their own tables. We also have volunteers who sell tickets and volunteers who patrol the hallways. Some Table Leaders are relying on older siblings to help out! I would guess we will use approximately 40 volunteers by the end of the night.”

I hope you enjoyed learning about craft night. Bye for now!

Craft night site:




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