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Walsh: Lion King Review

By Connor Walsh

This Thanksgiving break, I was lucky enough to see the Lion King on Broadway. The musical was held at Minskoff Theater in New York City.  The theater was packed with people!

The Lion King is about a young lion named Simba that will eventually become King of the Pride Lands. Simba faces a lot of challenges before he becomes King. Before the Lion King was on Broadway, it was an animated Disney movie. The Lion King’s opening night was on November 13, 1997. That was 24 years ago!

Once everyone was seated the theater went dark and quiet. Then Rafiki, the monkey appeared singing on stage. Then animals started walking down the aisles to Pride Rock on stage. I thought it was amazing how detailed and realistic the elephant, giraffe, and warthog looked. Some of the animals even moved liked real animals especially the baboons and hyenas. I loved the act when young Simba was singing I can’t wait to be king. That act was very loud and exciting.

One of my favorite scenes was the charge of the wildebeest stampede. I thought the special effects were so cool! If I had a choice to see the Lion King on Broadway or at the movie theater I would rather see it on Broadway. That’s why I recommend you to go see the Lion King on Broadway.



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