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Book Review: The Menagerie Series

By Julia Silverman

The Menagerie is a great book series for people that like mythical animals and fantasy books. It follows Logan and Zoe through Xanadu, Wyoming, as they try to save the Menagerie. The Menagerie is a hidden place full of magical animals.

The first book is called The Menagerie. In this book, Logan and Zoe need to find six escaped griffin cubs, or the Menagerie will be shut down.

The second book is Dragon on Trial. The Menagerie’s golden goose is missing, and Logan and Zoe must investigate to find out what happened.

The last book is named Krakens and Lies. Logan and Zoe must work together to stop the Menagerie and its creatures from being exposed.

I definitely recommend these books. They are exciting and funny. The books are by Tui and Kari Sutherland. Tui Sutherland is also the author of the Wings of Fire series. All the books can be found at the WES library.

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