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Behold the Melon-don. The What?

By Luis Munoz

Most the fifth-grade students have done “scranimals” which are like a combo of two, sometimes three, things in one. Scranimals is a mash-up of ‘scrambled animals.’

Most of the time it is an animal and a food or two animals. For example, watermelon + megalodon = Melondon.

After they get a combo they make a poem about that animal. So, for the melondon, this is poem that I wrote.

Hope you enjoy.

Who gets up to hunt at the break of dawn,

It’s the big and ferocious Melondon

He glides through the water

and shakes the sea,

That shark is as big as a shark can be.

He waits for prey

all day and night,

That Melondon has quite a bite

His wicked grin and his toothy smile,

Make him look like the Tacodile

When you get in the water

and are about to swim,

Look out for that colossal fin

When you see that bite

in his colossal fin,

Just remember he always wins

So all because of the Melondon

please oh please

stay out of Scranimal Sea,

Because dear reader

he already ate me

If you enjoyed and you would like to try it make sure to add a drawing it is a lot of fun to draw something make believe and if you don’t want to draw it yourself ask a partner. Please try it.

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