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Rickmond: Handel’s Behind the Scenes

By Ben Rickmond😋

I’m Ben and this summer I went to the famous Handels ice cream parlor and got a tour!

So, this is how you make the ice cream, the person pour some milk into a special machine it spins around and around and its cold inside and lets in air, so it does not freeze.

I’m sure you go to Handel’s a lot in the summer! You probably must wait a little while. 😩

Want to know why? Because people at the front don’t know what they want and try too many samples.

Fun fact: up to 100 customers per hour at their peak time in the summer.

Fun fact: there is an old jukebox inside when you walk in.

Well that’s it for today hope you learned a lot!HandelsCoinHandelsLogoHandelsSamplesHandelsTour


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