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Your Guide to the 5 WES Specials

By Mia Lista

Dear Reader, here you will learn what you should do in specials, and these rules aren’t only for kindergartners but up to fifth grade.


First you will walk in quietly, you will either go in the Janson room or to your colored table. Stay quiet while Mrs. Dahlstrom or Mrs. Burns are speaking. In library, you will choose a book.



In art it is the same thing, come in, take a seat and wait quietly for instructions. If you are painting, please do NOT paint on anyone else or even you. Please do NOT draw on tables and the floor with a marker. Please be respectful to Ms. Gallagher. In art, you will work on arts and crafts.



Ok, you know the drill, say “good morning” or “good afternoon,” sit down quietly and wait for instructions. In wellness, you will mostly learn about the human body and what it does.



Please do not talk while Ms. Fields is playing music or talking. In your squad spots, you should NOT talk to your friends. In music, you will learn about music and play some too!



This one is a biggie, I know we all love gym, so please be respectful and you will have more time to play games, ok? In gym, you play fun games like gaga ball!



If you follow these rules, you’ll be a prize pupil!

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