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WES Football: Players and Stats

By Zeke Williams and Aiden Swindells

WES Sports Desk


This year school football has taken a turn for the best.

We are seeing double the amount of players this year than any other year.

We are not sure that you guys will like Stats (what the numbers tell you about the game) or stories, so please tell us what you prefer.

Now getting on to the good stuff, fourth grade football has been showing some real talent.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we got recruited to the Eagles!

We have good QB’s such as Jeff Wassel and Reese Allen,

also players are excelling in defense such as Dennis Conner at cornerback.

Next time at recess no matter what your gender play football.steelers



Cavin M 70 yd

Reese A 64 yd run

Will C 57 yd reception

Dennis C  42 yd run

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