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Meet our new Dean of Students, Mrs. Esposito

By Connor Walsh

Have you or an older brother or sister ever had Mrs. Esposito as a teacher? Well I was lucky enough to have her as my 3rd grade teacher.

Now Mrs. Esposito moved on to being the Dean of Students. This is her first year being the Dean of Students.

I had the privilege to interview Mrs. Esposito to learn more about the Dean of Students. You will still see Mrs. Esposito on some days but on other days, she is at Radnor Elementary School.

When she is at WES, she is working on behavior, lunch and recess. Mrs. Esposito misses having close relationships with students but now she gets to help many more students. The main reason that Mrs. Esposito became the Dean of Students is that she is always looking for new challenges. She did not have to go back to college for this job, but it was good she went and earned a principal’s certificate.

So far, Mrs. Esposito is really enjoying the new job. I believe that Mrs. Esposito would go out of her way to help any student that has a question or needs help at WES. I’m very happy that I had Mrs. Esposito as a teacher and believe that she will be a great Dean of Students!

Mrs. Esposito and the author, Connor Walsh

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