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Local Music Scene: The Morellas

By Danby G Morrison

I’m going to write a review about my brother and his friends’ band: The Morellas. Members of The Morellas are: Arch Morrison, William Wallace, Jonah Farber, and Luke Young.  Arch, Jonah and Luke all went to WES!

They’ve had a lot of concerts (mostly at their friend Tuckers’ house cause his house has the room).

So if you have an older brother/sister that goes to RMS, than come to their concert cause’ I’m sure they’ll mention it online. I’m talking to you Archie!!!!

I am actually going to be their project/assistant manager. (If I can get them a concert).

We’ve thought of merchandise were going to order and slap the Morellas logo on there (we’ve almost figured THAT out). Like markers for kids, fiber bars, and Morellas toasters that toasts their faces on the bread!

The Morellas are sponsored by Grow The Scene. I’ll talk to them later about their next venue.  See you at their next concert! Bye!

Here are the Morellas playing at 118 North on North Wayne Avenue after South Wayne Porchfest!

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