Top 10 Cutest Dog Costumes

By Lilah Kenny

Are you ready for Halloween? I know I am! What about your pets? It’s okay if you don’t have a pet, I don’t either, but I would like to see cute pictures of puppies in costumes. So, let’s look at puppies! ☺

Number 10 🛫

THE PUPPY PILOT! Get ready to take off to trick or treating. Your mission: to get treats. 3-2-1 take off!

Number 9🦄


Are you ready to party! RUF! This puppy is always at the party. She loves dancing to midnight!

Number 8😁


Inter-galactic space station ready to launch 3-2-1 blast off!

Number 7☕


The puppy latte will give your morning a good start it can be cold or warm or snuggly! You got to love the puppy latte!

Number 6⛲

Hawaii dog!

Say “Aloha” to this tropical puppy. Surf’s up! Cowabunga dude!

Number 5🚚


Ding-dong!  The UPS pups delivery man is here.  “Here’s your package, please sign here”. “Thank you”.

Number 4 😎

The Hogwarts Seekers!

3-2-1- Fly! “There off the Weasley’s hitting those bulgers, harry sees the snitch, go keeper go, look at Ginny Weasley go! Bam! HARRY POTTER GOT THE SNITCH!”

Number 3📱


“Pug order pizza” that’s right I got the new Ipug it has every app you can think of! It also comes with a snuggly friend. It’s an awesome iPhone and there’s tablets too!

Number 2🐞


We should have her back. She is so sweet, I 💗her she is a cute puppy and ladybug!

Number 1

Wonder Woman!💟

She is going to save the world one paw at a time! She is Izzy, my little dog cousin. She is a sweetheart, she can wag her tail and the villains will be out of town. Never fear Wonder Izzy is here!

Well I hope you liked my top 10 pet costumes.

I💗 puppies! And yes, I saved Izzy for last! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 😈

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