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Fifth Grade Recess Is Super Fun

By Shane Lofton

In the fifth grade recess a bunch of people play basketball, a bunch of people play football, and a couple people play soccer. There’s also some that play on the playground.

Fifth grade recess starts at 11:40 am and ends at 12:05 pm, then we start lunch. We use the field next to the soccer field for football, the soccer field for soccer, and the blacktop for basketball.

When it’s “Blacktop Only” for recess, football is still played, same with basketball, though I don’t think soccer is still played for a blacktop only recess.  Mr. T, Ms. T, and Ms. Priya supervise us at recess.

Some people play “Four Square” too.

Fifth grade recess is super fun.

In Four Square, there are four individual squares painted different colors.  (See photo).

One person stands in each square.

There are four different positions you can be in.  The positions are: Jack, Queen, King, Ace — one for each square.  The Ace always serves the ball. The Ace hits the ball with his/her hand into another square.

There are many ways to get out but the number one way of getting out is doing a “Cherry Bomb.”  A Cherry Bomb is when you bounce it so high the other players can’t get the ball.

If the Ace got out, then the Ace would move to Jack, the King would move to Ace, so on and so on.


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