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Author Up Close: Zhang Meets Jen Calonita

By Leah Zhang

There was a book fair (that’s what my mom and dad call it) where I met Jen Calonita, an author who writes one of my favorite book series, Fairy Tale Reform School.

I was soooo excited in my Dad’s car going to Children’s Book World in Haverford to meet Jen Calonita!!!

Mrs. Dahlstrom, our amazing WES librarian, had called my Dad to be sure we knew it was happening.

“Oh!!! We’re finally here!!!,” I thought when we arrived.

When I entered with my Dad, I saw a lot of books. Jen Calonita greeted Dad and me. She has blonde hair, brown eyes and is very nice. She showed me how to make a wand. She started to make one herself, too. Soon, more people came in.

When I had just finished my wand, my dad decided to buy me a book.

Jen Calonita said that she has written the fifth book in the Fairy Tale series but it won’t come out until March. But she did show us the cover. It’s called Wishes. There was also another book called Misfits, and it was on the shelf so we got that one.

I did get it autographed (and her email for questions).

Jen Calonita said that Misfits was the first book to a new series, and she wrote this book because she said, “Have you ever wondered what goes on the other side of the Fairy Tale Reform School?” So, this is called Royal Academy Rebels.

(I am very sorry if you don’t understand a word I am saying right now, so you should go and read the book!!!)

Jen Calonita handed a sheet of tests and my favorite one was the test of where you would fit; the Royal Academy Rebels or the Fairy Tale Reform School. I got the Fairy Tale Reform school.

My dad got a book, and then we said goodbye and went back home.

LeahBookworldsigning - Oct 9 2018 - 8-14 AM

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