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Summer Travel: Los Angeles, San Diego

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By Leah Zhang


How was your summer break?

Mine was awesome!!!

Read on to find out what happens about my trip to California!

(I made it so it would look like you came too!) 😊

My family and I are packing our suitcases at night. Luke and I would have been going to school tomorrow but we were all going to California tomorrow. 😊

We are going on the airplane right now. We’ll be there in quite a few hours. But I absolutely HATE going on planes. ☹

But now, we are landing.

“TAXI!!! Over here!!!” (That was me screaming.)

We are now going to go rent a car and go to a hotel.  We are in Los Angeles.

We rented a car and got in a hotel and in our hotel room.

“Well, good night!!!” I am going to bed.

“Good morning.” I am first to wake up. Well, mom is, but she is quiet on her phone or iPad.

Finally, everyone wakes up. We get ready, and the day begins.

Breakfast. I was hungry. And I even made myself hot chocolate. After everyone was done, we all headed back to our room.

“Dad, where are we going? Is it Hollywood?” I ask.

“That’s where we are going,” Dad says. YAY!!! I AM SOOOO EXCITED!!!

The trip there was about 30 minutes. We even saw a sign that said, “Welcome to Hollywood.”

It was soooo fun!!! I went to the Harry Potter section and got a wand that actually works there. There was also a show where animals (like puppies, birds, pigs, and more) do tricks and they are trained very well.

There was also a drink named Butter Beer. Dad wanted to get it. So, he did. But it was a children’s drink, so Luke and I shared it. Soon, it was time to go back home.

The next day, we all went back to Hollywood, Universal Studios. I brought my wand to do more magic tricks. Also, we went on a roller coaster. The sign said that we would get wet, but instead we got soaked!!! ☹

Now, on the third day, we went in the car to go allll the way to San Diego, by lunch time. So, we all went out for lunch after we got a hotel room. After lunch, we all went to a cruise for a trip around. We saw the army tanks and stuff.

And after that, dad went out to go get pizza. The pizza was good. Then, we all got ready for bed. “Good Night Everyone!!!”

In the morning, we all got breakfast. After breakfast, we all went to our hotel room to prepare.

We set off for Safari Park. There were a LOT of shows there. My favorite was probably, I think it’s called, “A Dog’s Purpose.”  It was about dogs.

The next day, we went to Sea World. I got my face painted. Now there was a panda on my cheek.

Today was now the last day. But it was my favorite. We went to the San Diego Zoo. I got to see real live pandas. YAY!!!!!!! (That was me screaming) I even got my own stuffed panda. But it looks soooo real. (Except for the bamboo) 😊

We went home today. But I had soooo much fun. And I hope that you enjoyed reading this, but this is the end, soooo, ——-


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