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Great Reads: Warriors

By Danby G. Morrison

I am going to tell you about a book series I’m reading called Warriors. Altogether there are 42 books across the six series!

It’s about four clans of wild cats — Thunderclan, Shadowclan, Windclan, and Riverclan. The clans are all enemies of each other and fight for prey, territory, shelter and water because it’s the only way to survive in the woods. Warriors call humans “twolegs” and roads “thunderpaths.” Cars are called “monsters.”

Steps of a warrior cat

The steps of a warrior are when they earn their warrior name: sometimes to deputy or to leader. First, they are “kits,” where the last part of their name is “kit.” Then when they are six moons (meaning months) old, they become apprentices, in training to become warriors or “medicine cat,”, and they take the last name “paw.” Warriors become mentors to the apprentices, the medicine cat also takes an apprentice.

When an apprentice proves themselves right, they earn their warrior name. For example, in the first series, an apprentice named Firepaw becomes Fireheart. When a cat is a warrior, they take the last part of their name “Heart”, “Claw”, “Tail”, “Pool,” and so on. The medicine cat is a cat who treats the warriors wounds and sicknesses using different plants and materials. When the deputy of the clan dies, a new warrior becomes deputy, then when the leader of the clan dies, the deputy becomes leader and appoints a new deputy.

Warrior code

Warriors should be free and wild, but there are rules, too. I don’t know all the warrior code, but I know some of it: The main idea of the code is to put the clan before you, like if a cat is out hunting, he/she can’t eat what they catch, they have to take it back to their territory, so the clan gets fed first. Another thing, which really isn’t a rule, all deputies must travel to the moonstone to share dreams with Starclan when they become leader. [ see later in review ]. Another thing is that you can’t just kill a cat when you fight, you fight to show your strength. If you break the warrior code, you get punished.

Starclan and the moonstone

Starclan is a clan in the stars of something called “silverpelt.” Silverpelt is a band of stars in the sky and each star is a dead warrior. Medicine cats get special omens from Starclan to tell the leader. The moonstone is a giant glittering stone inside a small undergrowth tunnel called “mothermouth.” When the leaders need to, they sleep in mothermouth near the moonstone. Then when the deputy becomes leader, they take the last name “star.” In the first series, the leaders name is Bluestar.

“Into the Wild”

In the “Into the wild” series, Thunderclan weakens, and Shadowclan grows stronger every day. And, Thunderclan needs new warriors. In the middle of this crisis come Rusty, an ordinary housecat, who may just be the bravest warrior of them all.

“Fire and Ice”

In this series, the battle with Shadowclan is over, and Shadowclan is happy with their new leader. But, bigger battles still lurk in the shadows. And a warrior named Graystripe has a secret that could put battle between Thunderclan and Riverclan into battle.

“Forest of Secrets”

Here we find that Graystripe refuses to stop his secret, and Thunderclan is still in danger. Meanwhile, tensions rise and Thunderclan is in trouble when Windclan and Shadowclan join forces and find out Thunderclans’ secret.

And that is it for the review of the Warriors books I read last year and this summer! I highly recommend them for ages 9 and up. The books do contain violent scenes that some cat lovers don’t like to read.

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