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Jones on Summer ’18: Cruise & Swim Team!

By Lorelei Jones

This summer I had two amazing adventures…… a Disney cruise and a winning varsity swim team at Martins Dam. First, I am going to talk about the Disney cruise, then I will share my story about swim team.

Ok let’s get on to the first story, The Disney Cruise. First I need to tell you about the delicious food. We went to a different restaurant every night. They had amazing food and it was free so we can sneak out from the hotel room and go to the bakery and get whatever we want…..and not tell our parents, but of course we never did that. There were also a bunch of activities on the boat like games and plays. We played shuffle board, mini golf, and water sports, and we saw a play called “Believe.” It was about a little girl and it was her birthday. Unfortunately, her dad had more important things to do on her birthday. Also, her dad does not believe in magic, but she loves magic. So a genie, that popped out of a bottle, took him on a journey till he believed in magic. It was amazing!

I want to tell you a funny story about when I was golfing on the boat. I was behind this girl and she got a hole in one. But on her next shot, the golf ball flew right off the boat into the water. We were all laughing pretty hard.

And now, on to the swim team! I was on a very nice swim team at Martin’s Dam Swim Club. I had a lot of nice friends on it. Most importantly, we haven’t lost a meet in 5 years and this year I achieved something I’m very proud of……. I got on to the varsity team! My brother made it on last year and bragged to my face. But this year, I was so excited because he couldn’t brag anymore because I made the varsity team too! My friends were so excited for me, and I bet my brother was but he just didn’t want to show it.

So those were my fun things for this summer. What did you do this summer?

Lorelei Jones is in third grade at WES with Mrs. Barnes.  For more on the swim team’s season, click here.

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