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WES Green Ocean Committee News


By Lilah Kenny

At Wayne Elementary School in 4th grade in Mrs. Trolley’s class some girls have started a GREEN OCEAN COMMITTEE! To help recycle and stop plastic from getting in the ocean. Like plastic bottles some animals think it’s food, and these can get stuck around a sea turtles neck, now straws can get stuck in sea animal’s noses and they can’t breathe.

You see how bad plastic is for the ocean.

There are two founders of the green ocean committee, Lilah Kenny (me) and Regan Whitehead.  We are trying to save the seas.

For example, I did an Earth Day lemonade stand for the green ocean committee and the sea animals. I raised $180 dollars.

Go to for a news video of the great garbage patch.

The great garbage patch in Pacific Ocean it has a large amount of plastic and marine animals it is the twice the size as Texas these animals are in danger BIG danger. Also it’s not just sea animals it’s land and sky animals like birds who think plastic is food so do land animals.

But MOTE Aquarium in Sarasota, Florida, is trying to help.   Can you?  Help by recycling!

The members of the green ocean committee are


Ms. Lilah Kenny and Ms. Regan Whitehead

Secretary is Ms. Claire Marino

Secretary is Ms. Peyton Miller

Co- founders:

Ms. Ayden Kurd and Ms. Avery Tyrrell

Supplies manager:

Ms. Catherine O’Black

If you read my previous story, “The Animals Under The Sea,” you will remember Pippi, Jane and Huck, the MOTE’s adorable river otters.  They need you guys to save their home!

This is Pippi

This is Jane, Pippi’s sister

And this is Huck, the only boy.

See, the otters are ready to save the sea. But it’s not just all the sea animals. Say hi to these seagulls.

Funny, and you remember another guy from the MOTE, Buffy the manatee.

My grandma is also helping, by not using plastic and always recycling.

And, in conclusion, Recycle People!



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