Poems & Stories

The Three Pepper Doggies in a Sticky Situation

By Danby G. Morrison

There once was three pepper doggies: Minty, Spicy, and Stripey.

One day they were going to a Christmas convention for peppermints, but their Grandma Mint was sick and needed one of them to help her.

So Stripey decided to take care of Grandma Mint, and Minty and Spicy went to the convention and it was so much fun! They got hot chocolate, cookies, and saw their friends the Three Meowshmallows and said hi.

The Three Meowshmallows names were Sticky, Sweety, and Chewy.  Suddenly an announcement came on.  Minty thought somebody was going to sing a song.

But actually, it was a surprise dismissal of the convention.  That meant Minty and Spicey had to go through the rice candy forest.  That’s a scary forest where monsters made of rice candy that scare little candies right out of their sweet coating.

Minty and Spicey were walking in the forest, terrified thinking the rice candy monsters would eat them up.

Then suddenly, they heard a growl, a growl that was made of rice candy. So Minty and Spicey got out their swords made of Jolly Ranchers.

The three pepper doggies defended their sticky lives.  They were good at sword fighting, especially Minty.  They dashed and jumped and skipped and pranced and danced.

Then, suddenly, Stripey and Grandma Mint came dashing out.  Grandma wasn’t sick anymore!  They both were running toward Minty and Spicey.

Grandma Mint got out her ancient sword made of hard caramel and slashed at the rice candy monster, and the Three Pepper Doggies and their Grandma Mint lived happily ever after.

The End.


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