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Walk to Wayne 2018

By Ben Rickmond

The 3rd graders went on a field trip to Wayne on May 3 2018. The “Walk to Wayne” is an annual field trip that 3rd graders at Wayne, Radnor, and Ithan Elementary Schools get to take. On the trip, we walk into Wayne and learn about local businesses.

It was REALLY HOT on the walk! We still had fun. My group got to visit and interview local business owners at Christophers’s, Anthony Wayne Movie Theater, the Wayne Bar, The Wayne Post Office, Radnor Fire Co., the Wayne SEPTA train station, and the Wayne Senior Center.

We got free t-shirts thanks to the WES PTO. Ms.Gallagher re-designed the t-shirts and everybody liked them.

My favorite part was to go to Christopher’s.

We interviewed Chris, the owner of Christopher’s. Also he gave us a tour of the shop. He showed us how you order the food and the process it goes through. Here’s an interesting fact, the servers need to memorize the whole menu.

We also got to make our own pizza and eat it! (P.S. It tasted even better than how they make it.) Did you know that they set their brick pizza oven at 600 degrees? I thought that was funny, because at home you usually set the oven for 400 degrees to make pizza.

I thought the trip was awesome. To all second graders, I think next year you will enjoy the trip as well. Thank you to the teachers and parents who helped to make this trip successful.



Wayne train station platform.


Ice cream at the Wayne Bar.


Christopher’s where we met owner Chris Todd.


The Anthony Wayne movie theater.


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