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Travel: Puerto Rico Strong

By Orlaith A. Dill

I went to Puerto Rico for Spring Break. This summer Puerto Rico suffered a lot of damage from hurricanes.

From the plane when I flew in, I saw a lot of blue tarps on the roofs of buildings covering up damage from the hurricanes. I saw other signs of damage as well. There was beach erosion. There was limited electricity and water. There was one area where the trees were so damaged that it looked like there had been a forest fire. And many buildings were ruined.

One town I usually go to is called Jobos and it is near where my Grandfather lives. Jobos is right on the beach and it had a lot of damage from the storms.

I saw pictures of a restaurant that I like and it had been completely destroyed. I also heard from people about the care packages of food they got from the US and the nice notes that were inside.

I was impressed by the way people were working together to rebuild things. The restaurant I like is called Kai’s, and it had already been completely rebuilt from the ground up by the people who work there.

I have attached a picture with this article so that you can see the people rebuilding Kai’s and the Puerto Rican flag they raised to show their spirit. One thing I learned is that people there are Puerto Rico Strong.


The author Orlaith Dill at the rebuilt Kai’s restaurant.


Damage to Kai’s restaurant near Jobos, Puerto Rico.


Many areas are still without roofs, electricity and water.


The people of Puerto Rico working together to rebuild.


Kai’s restaurant before rebuilding.


The Hurricane force winds stripped the trees.


The beaches of Puerto Rico.

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