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Philly Fun: Tour Eagles Stadium

By Ben Rickmond

Over spring break I went to the Eagles Stadium. Did you know that you can get VIP tours there? The tickets cost $8.00 for kids and $10.00 for adults.

To get tickets go to:

Here’s some stuff I got to see on my tour.

  • First, we toured the luxury suites. (Fact: there are 172 suites.)
  • Next, we saw the press box. (That’s where FOX and other companies film the game.)
  • Last, the locker room! (There are no lockers only cubbies.)
  • Probably the best part … going on the field! The tour guide put on the music just like the players get to hear at a real game! And we got to walk through the same tunnel that the players do.

Here are some facts that I learned.

  • Did you know that nothing goes into the landfills? Thanks to the stadium’s Go Green program.
  • All of the oil they use for cooking gets turned into biodiesil for lawn mowing, etc.
  • There are lots of solar panels in the parking lot and wind mills too to produce energy for the stadium.
  • Something I think is really cool; they plant one tree per mile they travel for away games. Isn’t that great?
  • Did you know that the players drink 6,300 gallons of Gatorade each season?

Also, I interviewed my family and class about what their favorite NFL team is.

Here’s the tally.

EAGLES         12

PATRIOTS       2

OTHER          10

I highly recommend you take this tour. Go Eagles!


The author with his brother and sister.


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