Book Reviews

The Magnificent Maris Wicks

By Connor Walsh

Wayne Elementary students were very honored to have a guest author/illustrator come visit us on Wednesday May 2nd. Maris Wicks has written non-fiction books in the graphic format and she illustrated another picture book. A bunch of students got the chance to have lunch with Wicks while asking her questions on her books. These are some fun facts that we learned about this author.

One thing we learned about Maris Wicks is that her favorite book she wrote is Human Body Theater because it was the first book she wrote by herself. It was a big accomplishment for her.

Where the Wild Things Are and The Way Things Work are Maris Wick’ favorite books by another author. These books inspired her to write her own books. Maris Wicks gets her ideas for her books from her active imagination and also gets many ideas from nature.

I had a great time at lunch with Maris Wicks. Maris Wicks was very funny and interesting. She has traveled to a lot of interesting places like Antarctica and shared a lot of fantastic stories. After this lunch, I want to read all of her books because of her personality.

Wayne Elementary students appreciate the PTO Cultural Arts Committee for bringing a great author or illustrator each year.HumanBody2

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