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New York City: The Full Collection

Danby G. Morrison

Hi! I’m going to tell you about New York City.

Now, where should I begin?

Ah, how about I’ll start with my favorite part, it was Times Square!

It was amazing, there were so many cool screens and we sat on this staircase to watch the busy city.

And, near my apartment, there was the BIGSCREEN, at night, the screen showed a starry night, and in the morning, it would show a morning sky.

And, speaking of my apartment there, it was really cool.

They had something like a safe and you could use your own code [ and I’m not going to tell you it because it’s private information ].

And we went to the MoMa [ Museum of Modern Art ], and, they had a lot of interesting pictures and paintings. New York city is great, you should go there too!

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