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Book Review: The Magic Half

By Danby G. Morrison

I’m going to tell you about a book I’m reading called, The Magic Half by Annie Barrows.

It’s about a girl named Miri who feels left out in her own family with two younger twin sisters on one side and older twin brothers on the other.

Miri also feels like she’s an extra in her family.

Then, one afternoon, in her room, Miri peeks into a piece of glass, then, something strange happens.

When Miri peeks into the piece of glass, she leaps back in time to the year 1935. Then, Miri meets Molly, a girl her age but from the past.

Molly insists this is her room and that Miri has come to save her from Molly’s horrible aunt Flo and cousin Horst.

Miri and Molly have always wanted a twin sister, and now Molly’s going to come home with Miri and Miri won’t feel left out in her own family!

I rate this book five stars, and that is what I have for The Magic Half.magichalf

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