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All About Chanticleer Garden

By Tate Marcinkoski

Now that winter has finally packed up its bags and left Wayne, it’s time to celebrate spring! One of my favorite places to enjoy nature is Chanticleer, which is just a few minutes from our school.

Chanticleer has 35 acres of gardens. It was once home to the Rosengarten family (who owned a large company that made medicine), but now it is open to the public. My family and I visit every spring to see all of the pretty flowers blooming. We spend hours walking around exploring everything. There is a vegetable garden, an orchard, a creek with an old waterwheel and a pond with lily pads, turtles and huge fish that are all different colors. There is an Asian garden with super tall bamboo stalks that are fun to run through.

Chanticleer has lots of cool stuff for kids like a long tunnel you can walk inside, stone ruins that make a really awesome fort, and a little play house that is painted with pictures of animals. There is also a big grassy hill that my sister and I like to run down. We also love to look for frogs and water snakes in the creek.

You can take a tour of the house that the Rosengartens lived in, see their swimming pool and sit on their porch in a rocking chair. On Friday nights in the spring and summer, you can pack a picnic and eat anywhere you want in the gardens.

The best part is that kids under 12 can visit for free. If adults have a Radnor library card, they only have to pay $5. I definitely recommend that you go and see Chanticleer. It’s so cool that such an amazing place is right in our town.

Visit for information on getting there and visiting hours.


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