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Travel: Philadelphia Flower Show

By Orlaith A. Dill

Last week I went to the Philadelphia Flower Show and it was awesome. The flower show takes place every year. There are lots of different showcases for many kinds of flowers like azaleas, violets, and roses. This year’s theme was Wonders of Water, which was basically a rainforest setting. The show smells great and it looks beautiful.

In the Wonders of Water show that I went to there were many different sections of flowers and gardens. But the main section was a rainforest that had a huge waterfall running down the middle. The waterfall made it sound like you were actually in a rainforest because of the crashing water and the background sound of birds.

You don’t just find flowers at the Flower Show, you can also find a butterfly room. In the butterfly room you can get nectar on a Q-Tip and butterflies might just come to you to get some of the nectar. If you go on the preview day, you get to unpack butterflies from the frozen state in which they were shipped to the butterfly room and that is really cool, and it tickles when they walk on your finger.

Overall the Philadelphia Flower Show was amazing. I recommend that you go if you have the opportunity and two hours or more. I really enjoyed the Flower Show and if you go, I’m sure you will enjoy it too.


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