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Eye On: WES Reading Olympics

Editors Note:  The WES Newspaper club meets every Monday morning at 8 am in the library conference room.   Every third Monday all year until April, the WES Reading Olympics team members meet in the main library with Mrs. Dahlstrom.  Any WES 5th grader that wants to can be in Reading Olympics.  All the elementary schools in Delaware County with teams met on March 6 for a competition where they took turns answering questions about the books they all read.  What a great time!   WES Buzz reporter Luis Munoz sat in one Monday in February.  Here are his observations.

By Luis Munoz

They use a talking stick and that helps people decide who gets to speak.

They break into teams, each with a captain and co-captain.

There is a group of five 5th graders that has already read the book, and they ask questions to the group that hasn’t read the book.

Sometimes there is more than one answer.


We asked fifth grader and team member Teddy Monahan:

What do you like about reading Olympics?

Answer: READING!!!!

What books have you read in reading Olympics?

Answer: All the books that Mrs. Dahlstrom chooses.

What is the name of the book you are talking about now?

Answer:  “Best School Year Ever” and many more.

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