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Theater: All Shook Up at Radnor High School

By Danby G. Morrison

Hi! I’m going to tell you about the play ‘All Shook Up’ that I saw at the Radnor High School, also produced by the Radnor High School. Now let me tell you about this play and prepare to be All Shook Up!

In this play there are funny scenes, romantic scenes, dramatic scenes, etc.  And my favorite scene was, well, I didn’t have one favorite scene! I liked a lot of them! Like for example: ACT I: SCENE1: INSIDE A LOCAL PRISON or ACT I: SCENE II: SYLVIA’S HONKY TONK.

And yesterday, was the last night you could see it, so I hope you saw it! But if you didn’t, then let me keep telling you about it. Now as I told you about the scene at ‘Sylvia’s Honky Tonk,’ it’s when all the characters are at this restaurant/bar place and then the main character comes on stage into the play [ Chad ] and there’s a funny scene where this girl faints because she thinks Chad is so handsome.

And + my brother is in the pit band in the back of the stage.  And when you go into middle school or high school, you can be in a play too!

See for cast information and pictures!


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