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The Three Little Meowshmallows: The Sequel

The first installment of The Three Little Meowshmallows is here.

By Tate Marcinkoski

Ever since the three little meowshmallows met their new friend, Mr. Log, and had him moved from the Evil Forest to the local park, they had been spending lots of time outside. They visited Mr. Log every morning on their way to work and every afternoon on their way home. After hours in a steamy hot chocolate factory where they worked as testers, it was nice to be outside in the fresh air enjoying nature.

But one day, something very strange happened. It started to rain and it didn’t stop. It rained and rained and rained for weeks and weeks and weeks. The three little meowshmallows were upset because they got soaked by the rain every time they visited Mr. Log.

The rain was also causing problems for the town. Streets were flooding, people were getting water in their houses and all of the stores had completely sold out of raincoats, boots and umbrellas.

Then one morning (and I don’t need to remind you that it was a dark and rainy morning), the three little meowshmallows visited Mr. Log on their way to work as usual. When they reached his corner of the park, he was very anxious to tell them something. He explained that he had heard from his old forest friend, Mr. Evergreen, that there were rumors that an evil mountain was causing the terrible, rainy weather.

The three little meowshmallows asked Mr. Log how to find this mountain and stop the rain. At first, Mr. Log wouldn’t tell them because he was afraid it was too dangerous. But the brave little meowshmallows convinced Mr. Log to give them directions so they could save the town from flooding.

After traveling for over three hours, up steep, rocky hills and through dark, damp caves, they finally spotted the Evil Mountain up ahead. At the bottom of the mountain, they saw signs for Sugar Springs, a popular campground for families. They decided to head there to take a break and make a plan.

When they arrived at the campground, they were shocked by what they saw. There was trash everywhere – broken bottles, old newspapers, candy wrappers, plastic bags, and stinky food scraps. It looked like a tornado had blown through.

The three little meowshmallows could not believe the mess! The campers had turned the beautiful campsite into a garbage dump. Forgetting all about the Evil Mountain, they started collecting the junk and putting it into trash cans. They cleaned and cleaned. When the last piece of garbage was gone, they heard a loud rumbling noise.

The three little meowshmallows were very scared, but then they heard a voice and it sounded like it said thank you. But they didn’t see anyone else around. One of the meowshmallows yelled out “Who are you? Come out from your hiding place!”

Then they heard more rumbling and the voice again. “It is me the Mountain. I am so happy to see the campground clean again. I was so angry at the campers for littering and making a mess.”

“Is that why you’re making it rain all the time?” asked one little meowshmallow.

“Yes” said the Mountain. “I thought if it kept raining the campers would stay away.”

But the three little meowshmallows explained that the rain was flooding the town and putting people in danger. The Mountain said he was sorry and that he only wanted to stop the campers from littering on him.

After talking for a while, the Mountain and the three little meowshmallows came up with an idea. They made a video for the local news, telling people about the situation at the campground and that the Mountain promised to stop the rain if campers would remember to clean up after themselves. Everyone learned a lesson: to take care of nature and always leave it the way you found it.



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