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My Chinese New Year

By Leah Zhang

Let me tell you a story about my Chinese New Year.

This year’s Chinese New Year’s Day is on Friday February 15th. Mom cooked us a big feast, the highlight was my favorite – dumpling. Mom said eating dumpling on New Year’s Day is one of the Chinese traditions. Mom also told me in China the new year celebration usually last 15 days.

The best part of my Chinese New Year came on Sunday, when my Chinese school had a party and all students would perform in it. As soon as I woke up on Sunday morning, I was so excited thinking about how much fun I would have at the party and performance.

I was dressed in a Chinese dress mom bought from China. And she did my hair too. My dad drove me and my brother (Luke) to where the party was located. We were so early, not a lot of people were there when we arrived.

Before the real show began, everyone had a chance to practice with their class on the stage. And after that, we ate lunch. Then, the real performance began.

Now, lots of people were here. All classes took turns to perform on the stage. When it was our turn, my class and I sang a famous Chinese song called “Where is the spring?” And after that was Luke’s turn. He and his classmates performed a fabulous magic show. I enjoyed watching all the performances. My favorite one was this Chinese dance. One half of the group was in a red dress. And the other was in blue. The dress was so pretty and sparkling, I wish I could wear it.

My Chinese New Year was great. How about you?

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