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Preserving a Piece of Wayne History

By Tate Marcinkoski

Did you know that our local movie theater, the Anthony Wayne, is in danger of closing?

In business since 1928 (that’s 90 years!), the theater, which is one of our town’s historic landmarks, is having trouble competing with all of the newer, larger theaters. Attendance has been decreasing, and owner Reel Cinema says it may have to close the theater’s doors for good.

To help save the Anthony Wayne, a campaign has been started to raise $2 million. Local businesses and residents are being asked to donate money. You can even sponsor a seat and have a plaque with your name installed on it — how cool is that!

The money will be used for major improvements to the theater including new lights, carpets, bathrooms and a state of the art sound system. It will also be used to put in fancier, reclining seats and to build a new candy stand.

There are also plans to add a small kitchen to make breakfast, lunch and dinner foods. The theater’s original Art Deco lobby will be preserved, giving movie goers a glimpse into Wayne’s past.

Reel Cinema hopes the upgrades help bring back customers and keep the theater open for many years to come. I hope they are able to raise the money because it’s so fun to be able to walk into town and see a movie in a place that has so much history.



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