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Famous on YouTube: The Paul Brothers

By Zeke Williams

Two of the most famous YouTube superstars are brothers. From the past year you probably know who I’m talking about.

Logan Paul has over 16 million subscribers! He quickly became the fastest growing channel to hit 10 million subscribers how long did it take him, less than one year! He is only growing faster now getting six million in a month.

Don’t have than record Guinness book of world records, do you?

Logan Paul is an actor the biggest movie he has ever acted in was Baywatch but he was only an extra. He has his own movie called airplane mode featuring all the best YouTubers.

Cars: G Wagon, Cool Bus, Dodge sport

Houses: 6.5 Million dollar house

Jake on the other hand has 13 million subscribers the second fastest to hit ten million he also did it in less than a year he is going faster and faster. Jake is also an actor he has been in a Disney Channel show.  He got fired in just over a month. He has been in YouTube Red movies too.

Cars: Lamborghini, Merchandise truck, Ford RS, Tesla Model X.

Houses: 7.0 Million dollar house

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